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Dbz Sagas Xbox

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#1 blindsay


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Posted 15 April 2005 - 06:53 AM

Ok, this is an easy one folks, I rented this one just cause the back of the game looked cheezy.

I don't know where to begin!? Should I started with the WAY TOO SHORT gameplay, or the fact that I beat the game on it's hardest level in less then 6 hours...no wait...the way too short gameplay is the worst feature.

Seriously, I would have expected this game on Super Nintendo or PlayStation. MS should be ashamed of themselves for even letting this game be released.

I can't think of ONE good point about this game.

I don't even recommend picking up the box letting alone spending the money to rent or even buy this...I need to go lay down, seriously.

Gameplay: 1
Sound: 1
Replay Value: -10
Graphics: 7

Ending Comment: I wish they would please make an adequate RPG out of Dragon Ball or leave it to Budaki, just please...no more of these Saga mistakes.

#2 I Want More CowBell

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Posted 15 April 2005 - 01:49 PM

thanks for the heads up!

#3 ravedrifter


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Posted 17 April 2005 - 05:08 AM

budokai is good, this game is indeed crap...

#4 deathx88


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Posted 17 April 2005 - 05:19 AM

what the hell are you talking about, this game kicks ass wink.gif

i've never seen any dbz game that resembled the tv show as close as this

this is not even a good review, you main point was the game was too short, and who the hell cares if the game is short

and then you say the gameplay sucks, this dbz game its sort of like a beat em up
you can fly around and get new moves
being able to teleport and the slow motion when using an energy blast really makes the game with more action and more like the show

im not a big dragon ball z fan myself but i would give this game at least a rent

and if you are a dbz fan i'm pretty sure you'll love this game

#5 metalhead212


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Posted 20 April 2005 - 02:13 AM

First off this review sucks and secondly graphics are definetly NOT a 7 they are more like a 4 at best. The game looks like it belongs on the playstation x , the Xbox.

#6 Vegita


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Posted 20 April 2005 - 04:20 PM

Ok the sticking point of this game should be... if you are a DBZ fan, you will like this game.

You get to play through the entire DBZ saga, and the series graphics and environments are remade very faithfully.

#7 hidareign


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Posted 20 April 2005 - 04:36 PM

Hate to say it but it sucks. And I am a Huge DBZ fan.
I can replay on my gameboy advanced Legacy of Goku II and Buu's fury. Infact ive replayed them each 10+ times.

When I first saw this game previewed I thought cool a game that you can move around at will like the GB ones with alot better graphics. Man I was so dissapointed.

I give the game a sleeper 2 out of 5. at least it was on xbox for a change sad.gif

#8 metalhead212


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Posted 20 April 2005 - 07:40 PM

i to am a dbz fan. I have been watching the series since dragon ball was first aired on Fox so many years ago. I can say without a doubt that this is a pile of shit for a game. Every dbz game that comes out just rehashes the same story OVER AND OVER AND OVER. the fighter is one thing, but this game sucks.

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