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3d Orbs Already Coded To Main_menu.xip

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Posted 30 April 2005 - 01:17 PM

Okay so I took the liberty of actually downloading some Orbs from AllXboxSkins.com and then using WinXIP to extract the main_menu default.xap, and then editing it with my own Orb, and then replacing default.xap back into main_menu.xip ofcourse with a differant Orb

I have done all these:

ArachoShpores, Bubbles, CloudSword, Cont, Deagle, Deathstar, Dopeleaf, Gas Orb, GasTorus, Globe, Heart, Jewels, Newspikes, Pill, Pouple, PSX, PureCube, Rings, Twirly & Wireframe. There are about 10 more I believe I have not done yet like DNA, Chain, and some others I can't think of now.

I have recoded a stock main_menu with the fixed orbs mentioned above, so all you have to do is replace your default main_menu with another one. For example I have all the orbs in there own folder, so if you wanted lets say "jewels" just use Boxplorer or what ever explorer you use, find the folder "jewel" and replace the main_menu.xip there with the other in the XIPS folder of UIX, if you wanted Deagle, just open the "Deagle" folder and replace the main_menu.xip with that one.

I have Rared the ones I have done so far into a 8.80MB RAR file, I just don't know how to host it or who to send it to.

Another thing: If someone could come up with a some code to make a menu in UIX that would let you replace main_menu.xip on the fly then simple restarting the dash instead of using your explorer, or another dash, etc... Creating a folder in UIX called Orbs or something, and putting your orbs in separate folders.


- Album Covers
- Audio
- Fonts
- Language
- Skins
- System
- Xips
- ArachoShpores - main_menu.xip
- Bubbles - main_menu.xip
- CloudSword - main_menu.xip

This is the way I have my orbs set up, but it is a hasle using some type of explorer, and having to use another Dash. I use UnleashX because of its built in file manager, and its ease of use, I don't really like the way UIX file manager works, having to get out of every DIR before actually leaving the manager, thats to much of my time, and I'm sure others would agree. I love UIX its the best looking Dash to date, and so much fun to use.

Also I coded default.xip/default.xap with code to make an in dash option to turn on/off xbox4.xbx and everytime I go into configurations it show Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3, so on, and so fourth. I even recoded the default.xap, and cleaned it because I rushed the first time, and its still showing that.

If anyone knows how I could get this started this would end maybe alot of peoples problems. I had fun reworking my on main_menu.xip, I tested some of them to make sure the scale was just right, and they look great, but I didn't test all so, you might have so scale accordingly. ph34r.gif

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