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Pcsxbox V11

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Posted 01 May 2005 - 05:50 PM

How dos it work please im a begginer with this program and i want it to work on my xbox sad.gif
QUOTE(XPort @ Aug 28 2004, 02:02 PM)
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs

Q: My BIN image doesn't work.  What can I try?

A: Try ripping the game with CDRWin using the following options:

Error Recovery "Ignore"
Jitter Correction "Disable"
Subcode Analys: "Disable"

Q: It says it can't find d:\bios\scph1001.bin.  What's the deal?

A: If you want to run in BIOS mode, you have to locate a PSX BIOS file and put it in the BIOS folder.  For example, if your DEFAULT.XBE is located on E:\GAMES\PSX then you would put the SCPH1001.BIN file in E:\GAMES\PSX\BIOS.
Q: What CD image formats work?

A: ISO, BIN and IMG are confirmed as working.  Others may work as well.

Q: What about System Link games?

A: Not supported and probably will not be in the future.

Q: Will PCSXBox be updated anymore?

A: PCSX has ceased development.  It is extremely unlikely that you will see any future updates to improve compatibility of PCSXBox.

Q: How can I manage the saves on my memory cards? 

A: The memory card images are stored in E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX.  Use whatever memory-card manager program you wish on them.

Q: what about analog stick control?

A: It's not currently implemented.  If it happens, it happens.  Please do not ask when.

Q: Why can't I switch to 32bit mode?

A: That option was removed a long time ago and I haven't gotten around to removing the
option from the menu.

Q: Do you want to help with LIBCDIO?

A: If time permits, maybe.

Q: Can PCSXBox be burned to a CD/DVD along with a game and then automatically load that
game when it starts up?

A: No.

Q: Will you be adding light gun support?

A: There is no light gun support in PCSX for Windows, so no.

Q: Is multitap supported?

A: No.

Q: "MY FAVORITE GAME" isn't working correctly - I want you to fix it.

A: I have neither the time nor inclination to try and walk people through the configuration
options.  You're just going to have to learn to do it yourself.  It's possible
that no set of configuration options will run the game in question - that's just the way
it goes.

Q: Do I need a CUE sheet?  Do ISO files work? 

A: The answer to both questions is "yes and no."  If the PSX game you are playing
has a single data track on it, then a CUE sheet will not be needed.  If, however, you
are playing a PSX game that has multiple tracks on it (such as a data track and multiple
CDDA audio tracks) then a CUE sheet *is* necessary if you want the CDDA to play back
correctly.  The CUE sheet is read automatically when you select the BIN file. <p>

ISO files may or may not work depending on the ripping program you use and also
depending on the actual content of the CD.  An ISO file is an image of a data track on
a CD.  A BIN file is an image of the entire CD.  I have no idea why people want to
use ISO files instead of BIN files and I, personally, have not tried running ISO files.
Some people say it works, some say it does not.  Just use BIN files and you'll be sure
that it works.  (Providing it works in PCSX for Windows, that is.)

Q: Why can't I put real PSX cds into my XBox DVDROM drive and have PCSXBox run them?  I can
do the same kind of thing with HUGO and NeoGenesis, so why not PCSXBox?<br>
Can you make a tool that will rip my PSX cds onto my XBox?

A: PSX cds are completely different beasts than PCE CDs and SegaCDs.  PSX cds are written
with Mode2 XA sectors whereas the others are not.  I have tried many different ways to
read Mode2 XA sectors and the closest I got was getting the XBox to actually read the
sectors, but at only 2.5KB per second.  Considering that this is about 50x slower than
a 1x CDROM drive, I think it's pretty obvious that gaming performance would be extremely
poor.  Please note that Mode2 XA is different than Mode2 Yellowbook (which is what
VCDs are written with) - so XBMP's code is not a solution.<p>

I'm aware that if you install linux on your XBox and then run a linux version of a
PSX emulator that it can read PSX cds.  I believe the problem lies somewhere in the
XDK.  Obviously there is a solution to the problem, but the specifics are elusive.
I cannot answer "when" it will be solved because if I had enough information to
tell you "when", then it would be finished by now already.<p>

Furthermore, if I could write a tool that reads PSX cds and dump them to the HD,
I would be able to make PCSXBox read PSX cds.  If you want to wait 75 hours (650MB
at 2.5KB/sec) for the XBox to rip/write your CD onto the HD, then I've got just what
you need.  I think it would be faster to rip it on your PC and then upload it to your
XBox, though.....

Q: Does "MY_FAVORITE_GAME" work on PCSXBox? 

A: First, look at the <a href="http://forums.xbox-s...">Compatibility Listing</a><br>
If that doesn't answer your question or if you feel the list is wrong, then test the game
using the Windows version of PCSX.  If your game does not work in the Windows version, it
will not work in the XBox version.

Q: The compatibility list says that "MY_FAVORITE_GAME" works but I cannot get it to work.  What's the deal?

A: The compatibility list does not currently give many specifics on what settings the original
tester used to get the game to work.  As I understand, the list will be updated to include
information on how to obtain settings files for each game.  This may not be a reality for a while,
however.  In the meantime, you're just going to have to fiddle with the options yourself.<p>

Please note that if you want to change the options for a specific game, you have to
go to "Main Menu -> Configure Game" and then select the game you wish to configure.
Yes, this means exiting the game and going back to the main menu to make changes to the
configuration, but you would have to do this anyway.  Almost all of the configuration options
are set during the initialization of the game and cannot be changed while you are
actually playing the game. 
Q: "MY_FAVORITE_GAME" worked in V1 but not in any other version.  What's the deal?

A: Version 1 of PCSXBox used PCSX v1.4 sources.  Version 2 and onward used PCSX v1.5 sources.
In general, v1.5 has better compatibility, but some games were broken.  I might get around
to making different builds of PCSXBox for v1.4 at some point.

Q: Why don't you use hardware accelerated plugins?<br>
Why don't you use Pete's D3D plugins?

A: There are no open-source hardware-accelerated plugins.  No, I cannot use the
Windows binaries of any existing hardware-accelerated plugins.  The source code
*must* be available in order to incorporate it into PCSXBox.

Q: Can you implement dual-shock support so I can play Ape Escape, etc?

A: There are no open-source controller plugins that support dual-shock.  If you find
one *and* you are able to get it to work with PCSX, then let me know.
Q: I don't see any documentation on relax sharing for PCSXBox.  How do I set it up?

A: The omitted documentation was an oversight.  Read the README for any of the
other recently released emu ports (e.g. XBoyAdvance) for Relax instructions.
Q: Memory cards don't seem to be working.  What's going on?

A: Memory cards work for some games and not for others.  If you want to be sure
your game is saved, then use save states instead of memory cards.

Q: How do you read BIN images from off a CD or DVD?

A: Firstly, you need to burn your CD/DVD so that it is xbox-compatible.  Put the CD/DVD
into the XBox DVDROM drive, load up the emu, go to the game selection screen and
continue up the directory tree until you get a listing of all the drive letters on your
XBox.  The R: drive is the DVDROM drive.  This information is located in the TXT file
that accompanies the PCSXBox release.  Read the TXT file.

Q: Does PCSXBox play PS2 games?

A: No.  And don't ask me to port a PS2 emulator.

Q: How do I make a BIN/CUE image of my PSX game?

A: Use a program like Alcohol 120%.  The question is really outside the scope of PCSXBox.  Google is your friend.

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QUOTE(XPort @ Aug 29 2004, 04:43 PM)
In the past, I have stated that I did not want to be bombarded with requests for new projects.  There isn't much left out there that would be interesting to port (in my opinion) to the XBox, however, so I'll now entertain requests. 

Rule #1 - If you make a request, you must include a link to the source code.  If no source code exists for the project, then it cannot be ported.

Rule #2 - Do not request a project that has already been rejected.  The list of rejections is in this post.  Read them carefully.

Rule #3 - Do not request feature enhancements of existing emulators here.  This is for new projects only.

Rule #4 - Do not spam this thread.

Violating any of these rules will first result in a warning.  Subsequent violations will result in a ban.

List of Rejections

SNES - I'm not doing it.  Get over it. 

Visual Pinball/Visual PinMAME -  There is no source to Visual Pinball.  Therefore, there can be no port of this project.  Pinmame is just one part that would need to be ported.  It emulates the machine logic.  Visual Pinball is the part that actually has the pinball table graphics/sounds/gameplay.  If the source for Visual Pinball becomes available in the future, you may post about it in this thread.  You should be absolutely sure the source is available, however, or else you risk getting a warning/ban.  Do not post a link to the PinMAME site.  As already stated, that is not the piece that is needed.

N64 - I'm not going to do a separate port when Surreal already does a great job.

Cassini/Saturn - While technically the source is available for this Saturn emulator, it is primarily one (very) large assembly file which looks like it was created by simply running the GiriGiri EXE file through a disassembler.  Porting x86 assembly to the XBox is not generally a problem, but in this case the code makes all sorts of calls to Windows GDI routines that are not implemented in the XBox SDK.  This means that in order to port it, I'd have to implement those API calls myself or try to hand-edit the assembly file.  Both of those tasks would be extremely tedious and therefore this project is not something that particularly interests me. 

Jaguar - There is no open-source emulator that runs fast enough on the XBox to be playable.  Do not post links to Project Tempest or Virtual Jaguar because both of those require something along the lines of a 2Ghz CPU.  If a new open-source Jaguar emulator emerges in the future that does not require such a fast CPU, then please post about it here.

Gamecube - There is currently no open-source emulator that would run fast enough on the XBox to be playable.  I would be extremely surprised if a Gamecube emulator ever ran fast enough to be playable in the XBox.  If you post a request for a Gamecube emulator, it will almost certainly result in a warning or a ban.  You had better know exactly what you're doing when making such a request.

Playstation 2 - There is currently no open-source emulator that would run fast enough on the XBox to be playable.  I would be extremely surprised if a PS2 emulator ever ran fast enough to be playable in the XBox.  If you post a request for a PS2 emulator, it will almost certainly result in a warning or a ban.  You had better know exactly what you're doing when making such a request.

Dreamcast - There is no open-source emulator that is worth porting at the moment.  Chankast is not open-source, so do not request it.

Web Browsers, JAVA, Flash, anything related to HTML - I have absolutely no interest in porting a web browser or anything like that.

FPS Games - This includes things like Doom, Quake, Half Life, etc, etc.  I can't stand FPS games, so I'm certainly not going to waste my time porting any of them.

MUGEN - At the time of this writing, the source code does not exist for this project.  I've seen the OpenMugen website, but it does not look like it is anywhere near a playable state.  If the MUGEN source becomes available in the future or if OpenMugen ever becomes playable, then you may post about it here.  Do not make the request without really making sure first, however.

GLTron - I played it.  It did not rock my world.  No interest.

RAINE - No.  Don't ask.

Descent 1,2,3 - No.

Enemy Engaged : Comanche Hokum - Not interested.

KOF91 - Not interested.

OpenMortal - Not interested.

FreeDOS - I looked at it a long time ago. It is not an MSDOS emulator or simulator.  It is a free DOS (disk operating system) alternative that is somewhat compatible with MSDOS.  If you're looking to play MSDOS games on it, you're mostly out of luck.  It does not play much at all.  DOSBox does a far better job in that department.

EMU7800 - This is written in C# which is not compatible with the XDK.  I have no desire to completely rewrite it.

Open Transport Tycoon - no interest

DVDx / DVD Ripper - no interest

Super Mario Clone - no interest

Macintosh 68k - no interest

List of Potentials

This is a list of new projects that I may do in the future:

PC2E - This is a relatively new PC-Engine emulator.  At the time of this writing, it still does not seem to be more compatible than HUGO.  If you have comments about the compatibility of this emulator, you may post them here.

Abuse - I started a port of it a long time ago.  I never finished because of a nasty bug that I got tired of trying to find.  I may revisit it again in the future.

Commodore 16/+4 - maybe, but not likely. 

BBC emu - maybe.

Caprice - Maybe.

PC-98 - maybe.

NeoCD/SDL - maybe

Vectrex - maybe

Original Final Burn (not Alpha) - within realm of possibility, but rather low in probability.

MESS - not likely.  I may get around to ripping out certain sections e.g. A7800

SimCoupe - maybe

VirtualBoy - maybe when compatibility is closer to 100%

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QUOTE(Zandengoff @ Sep 12 2004, 03:12 AM)
Have you ever considered porting an emulator for gamecube development? There are many promising projects currently out form the homebrew community. Including a WIP doom, GC linux with audio nic and video support, and a wip snes emulator from lantus. If you are bored with the xbox you could dabble in gc dev. Just a thought.

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