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Halo 2 - What Would Get You "banned" From It

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Posted 01 May 2005 - 08:52 PM

All this started in THIS THREAD., But I felt that this info deserved to be posted here in first page (New thread).
Here is the repost:

Well, it seems they changed it, here's the latest quote I found:
QUOTE(Frankie @ 4/29/2005 3:38 PM PDT From Bungie.net weekly Update)

BlackMagic says,
I was playing a game and it was lagging when ever I got close to the other team .once it went into blue screen and then when I got out there was a guy how came up behind me and killed me from behind when I was sniping. 

Jerks can still cause standby to happen, they just can't use it effectively, as they did before the autoupdate this is a hardware issue, not a software problem. It can happen with any game attached to a modem. However, we are also much, much more efficient at automatically spotting this behavior and we've been banning offenders from matchmaking forever. They are also ejected from games for doing it. Basically it's a total waste of time.

Here's a more complete list of what might get you SUSPENDED, even though they mention the word "BANNED" it is explained that it is for a period of 7 days at first, and if the offenses were to continue more drastic meassures will be taken:

QUOTE(Frankie @ 4/22/2005 4:13 PM PDT From Bungie.net weekly Update)

BANNED! asks,
What exactly is cheating, and what isn't?. 

Any and all mods, hacks, and artificially modified game profiles used on Live (which potentially includes playing on System Link while connected - the whole "Live Aware" thing) will be treated the same way - as cheats. We don't support the devices or software used to make these hacks, and so we have no obligation to supporting their use. They are and have been used for cheating, and since there's no way for us to tell if they're being used for innocent or nefarious purposes, we are nuking ALL instances and banning them from matchmaking. SO DON'T USE THEM. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Not to be confused with regular game saves, where you've made a custom game type using Halo 2's built-in interface. Those are fine and we can easily tell the difference.

"Boosting" - manipulating your way up the leaderboards with the help of other players or techniques = banned. It IS cheating. Those doing it know it is cheating, and more to the point, it is purposeless. You are not proving you're better than other players, in fact, you're showing that you simply don't have the skill or ability to compete. Which makes you suckaz. It's also very easy for us to detect, so don't do it or you're banned. And you may be banned today anyway for a prior history of Boosting. This is a temporary 7 day suspension to give you one last chance to quit it so don't bother whining to me about it. I DON'T CARE. YOU CHEATED. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. And if your "little brother" did it, take it up with him, not us. Oh dear, my Caps Lock is acting up to day. MONKEYS!!!! After the seven day suspension ends, you can try playing properly. Do it again and there will be more permanent penalties. Don't like it? Call a "waaaaah-mbulance."

Other forms of cheating, betrayals, constant quitting when losing, hiding bombs, will also be treated as cheating and continue to be dealt with using the feedback system and YOU WILL BE BANNED TOO.

Being an idiot online? Cursing continually? Making threats? Being a racist jackass? BANNED. Oh and a word to screamers BANNED. Anyone who so much as looks at ME funny on Live? BANNED. Synonym for a group of musicians? BAND. Things are going to get a lot tighter around here. We have more tools and better awareness, and all you have to do to avoid being BANNED is QUIT BEING AN IDIOT. You're not funny. You're not clever. You're a boring loser and people hate you.

Look, most of you know what cheating is, so quit asking stupid questions about it, or acting indignant because there is a bug in the game that you felt obliged to exploit. YOU ARE CHEATING. We don't even owe you this explanation. The only reason we bother is so that we can go back and say look, we told you this was cheating and you're BANNED so shut up. And I hope you get boils. And I hope the boils are full of acid-spewing spiders that burst out and hump your face.

AND FINALLY!!! here I found the one that I first read:

QUOTE(Frankie @ 4/15/2005 2:16 PM PDT From Bungie.net weekly Update)

Cooler kids ask,
Will cheaters still be banned from Halo 2 after the AU is released?

Absolutely. While we truly hope that the fixes we've made in the autoupdate will drastically reduce the current cheats and exploits on Xbox Live, the nature of online gaming is such that there will never be a 100% cheat-free system.  That said, we will be actively managing our online community along with the Xbox Live team to continue to make the experience as good as possible for everyone who is playing.  If you encounter players who you feel are cheating and/or are breaking the Xbox Live terms of Use (i.e. foul language, threats, abusive remarks) you should continue to use the in-game feedback system to report those players.  The Live team monitors that feedback and institutes temporary to permanent bans from the Live service based on their existing terms of use policies.

In addition to this, the Bungie team will be monitoring actual game data to determine if players are cheating on Xbox Live.  We have ways of identifying many different forms of cheating and network exploitation and if we have proof that this is happening, we will be taking our own measures to ban offending players from entering into matchmaking.  First time offenders will be subject to a 7 day temporary ban from Halo 2 Matchmaking.  Repeat and/or extreme violations will result in a permanent ban from Halo 2 matchmaking.  We are committed to providing a fun and level playing experience for everyone on Xbox Live and we will not let cheaters and hackers ruin that experience for others.  The Bungie "ban hammer" will only be used in cases where we have definitive proof of cheating.  It will be based strictly on data collected and not on subjective feedback.  If you cheat, hack or manipulate the online experience in any way, we will know and we will act accordingly.

Please note that the current "hacked profile" that is circulating around the internet is prohibited on Live and we consider that cheating and a violation of our online terms of use.  Anyone using this or any other similar device will be blocked from playing in matchmade games.

Well... sorry about the long post. And I apologize for any scare I could have caused, since it seems it is only from HALO 2 that they will keep you out if your cought cheating. I also apologize to those who already read all this news, if you got all the way down here, you should've skipped like crazy! tongue.gif

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