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Trying To Get Started Making Trainers

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Posted 15 May 2005 - 08:38 AM

I'm trying to get started making trainers, and have gotten fairly far, but I have a few questions which I couldn't figure out on my own.

I'm trying to use XBXMDump to create a simple trainer for The Punisher. I just want it to give you infinite points to purchase upgrades with.

Anyways --

1] I got the Memory Map dumped successfully, and found the memory address that the points were stored in [PC is 015514B4, XBox is 003E14B4]. Now, how do I know how many consecutive memory addresses [B4, B5, B6, etc] are used in storing the 'point' value?

I thought I'd simply be able to look at the visual dump of the memory addresses, and just check the 'Size', but the address I found to hold the points wasn't there.

2] How do I know what to use as the 'Old Value' in the Trainer Makers? Would this not depend on how many points the player currently had? Or is there some sort of wildcard value I can use to circumvent this?

I hope I'm doing this right -- I'm more of a 'figure it out by myself' guy, rather than reading tutorials. I was running a memory editor [ArtMoney] on the actual XBXMDump program after it finished Dumping the values to memory. I'm assuming this is correct, solely because I filtered the results with two different values of points, and that was the only address which held true throughout.

Thanks -- hopefully I'm not overlooking a tutorial or something which would make me seem ignorant in one way or another.

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