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New Hd Increased Ftp Speed?

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#1 tomxtru


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Posted 26 March 2003 - 04:07 PM

just installed my new maxtor 40g hd to my v1.0 box with x-2 lite using the evox install. i don't know the bios version. it's whatever came on the chip. i'm also using a pc dvdrom instead of the xbox dvd. when i was ftping the files from dvd to pc then back to f: drive, i noticed that the transfer rate kind of doubled. i was getting 4mb/s, now i see around 7-9mb/s. is this a glitch or what? don't feel any faster..

#2 red1busta


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Posted 26 March 2003 - 04:27 PM

Yeah there are some times when you get like a super high transfer rate but it still takes the same amount of time, something just gets screwed up in the program but it's usually a very high number, higher than 7-9mb/s so it may be actually getting that 7-9mb/s.....

So yes, a new hd can definately increase your ftp speeds as I found out, I was getting 2mb/s on original and after I put in my new maxtor 120g it bumped it up to about 4mb/s and if I use the xbox ftp client program and download from my comp I usually get about 7mb/s

Just a word of advice you almost always get higher download speeds than upload speeds, (ex. - use xbox to download stuff from your computer to the xbox, DON'T use the xbox to upload stuff to your pc (much slower))

#3 a weasel

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Posted 26 March 2003 - 04:38 PM

I got something wierd going on with mine then. My max upload speed per each user (evox allows me to login twice) is 192kb/s. So, say I login twice and start uploading something else it will go 192kb/s aswell. Making my max out speed 384kb/s. So, It really sucks when I'm uploading games. I mostly just used xToolBox for game transfers, that goes at about 5mb/s.

My network is pretty big though. There is about 200 foot of wire for the data to get from my pc to my xbox even though it's right next to me. I'm thinking that maybe why but then the fact that i get the same speed when i login twice bites me in the ass. I download at about 5mb/s though. Does anyone know whats up?

*All this is with an 80GB WD drive.

#4 cauldrons


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Posted 26 March 2003 - 09:20 PM

you shouldn't log in twice. you're effectively halving your hd cache when you're trying to upload on two different ftp sessions at the same time, also slowing your upload performance because the ftp server will alternate between both sessions, writing one piece from session 1, sending the acknowledgement for the write on session 1, then start writing one peice from session 2 while it puts session 1 on hold, sends the acknowledgement for session 2, switches back over to session 1. so not only will your downloads take approximately 2 times as long, but you're also limiting how much your comp is able to send at once.

if you only get 192kbps upload even with only one user logged in, then your problem probably has something to do with the ftp client you're using(or could be a problem with the router or switch that you're using, as well, assuming you're using one). my suggestion, get a 3 foot crossover cable, switch your NIC into full duplex 100baset(or tx), and try it then. on my WD 40gb drive, I can get about 6 or 7 MBps upload speed (12 MBps being the cap for 100baset) which mostly has to do with the fact that the drive is only on a ata33 bus, it's only got a 2MB cache, and I've got a crappy d-link nic with very little in the way of cache itself.

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