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Cell Wall Change

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#1 mindkaos999


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Posted 02 June 2005 - 03:55 AM

Okay so I have noticed a few new Cellwalls out there and i decided i wanted to be able to change them without having to change the names to cellwall.xm. I have come up with this.
open default.xip/default.xap

   var IniFile = new Settings;
   IniFile.SetIniSection( "Dashboard Settings" );
   dashStyle = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Dash Style" );
   skinName = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Current Skin" );
   theCellWallMesh.url = "A:/skins/" + skinName + "/cellwall.xm";

change to

   var IniFile = new Settings;
   IniFile.SetIniSection( "Dashboard Settings" );
   dashStyle = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Dash Style" );
   skinName = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Current Skin" );
   cellWallName = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Current Cellwall" );
   theCellWallMesh.url = "A:/cellwalls/" + cellWallName + "/" + cellWallName + ".xm";

open default.xip/config.xap & file_manager.xap & hard_drive.xap & memory.xap & music.xap & music_play_with_subs.xap & orbs.xap & settings.xap & settings_style_menu.xap & skins.xap

find Function GetCellWallType

function GetCellWallType()
   var IniFile = new Settings;
   IniFile.SetIniSection( "Dashboard Settings" );
   var a = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Current Skin" );
   theCellWallMesh.url = "A:/skins/" + a + "/cellwall.xm";

replace with

 function GetCellWallType()
   var IniFile = new Settings;
   IniFile.SetIniSection( "Dashboard Settings" );
   var a = IniFile.GetIniValue( "Current Cellwall" );

   theCellWallMesh.url = "A:/cellwalls/" + a + "/" + a + ".xm";;

now you must create the folder structure for the cellwalls. It is very similar to the skins.

now you must add to your uix.ini
look for

[Dashboard Settings]
Current Skin=Cubewall
Dash Style=modded
Current Orb=Dopeleaf
Games Orb=Newspikes
Apps Orb=Rings
Emus Orb=Twirly
Dash Orb=Gasorb

or something like that. all you really need to find is

[Dashboard Settings]

under that add

Current Cellwall=

after = put the name of the cell wall you want to use
there you go it should work fine!

I have been working on a way to add this to the settings panel like the skins and orbs with no luck so far. if anyone would like to give it a try let me know and i will give you what i have so far. Also i would like to do the same thing with backgrounds maybe.

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#2 Odb718


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Posted 02 June 2005 - 10:17 AM

So all that work... I dont get it....
instead of renaming one file... you got to edit all that in? blink.gif
I mean dont get me wrong, I like the code. Ive actually done a similar mod so the main menu has it's own cellwall. I would just think it'd be easier to just rename the xm file with the file manager.

#3 mindkaos999


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Posted 02 June 2005 - 10:51 PM

Well all that work only has to be done once. besides my intention is to be able to change it from the settings panel. Also i would like to use the same basic idea to change backgrounds and maybe even further to change the entire skin but peice by peice. there are a lot of skins i like and i like to change them often. i would also like to customize them but i dont like having to use my computer each time.

#4 PSA9


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Posted 05 June 2005 - 10:39 AM

If u want a Nice Cellwall Changer wait a bit, i started work on it not long ago. it works different from yours which u may or may not like. but it will preview the cellwall for U hehe. what it will do is
all from config
Let u
Turn Backgrounds on or off
Turn Cellwalls off, use cellwall in skin dir, or use cellwall from cellwall dir
Turn DNA on or off
Turn Orbs on or off, etc
Turn Shell off use shell.xbx in skins dir, or use shell.xbx in shell dir
etc much more love to say, however as for a background changer i don' t see the need. a cellwall changer is nice cause instead of making
Blue Cubewall
Blue Carbon Fiber
Blue Holy Donut
Green Cubewall
Green Carbon Fiber
Green Holy Donut

which takes up much space, and too many skins to go through
u just have

etc just colors, and which changing colors it don't change say the cellwall.
but to let know what u said for just about everyting from the skin changeable is what i am doing. however all will have option to use the parts in the skin or outside the skin, that way u choose what u want.
skins that have backgrounds can be swithced from the skins dir, as i just don't see taking a Zelda skin and not having it Green, hehe. my point is no real need for background changer but can surely and easily be added in.
too much to list what it does and will soon do if i find their is intereset i will soon paste code. if not i will enjoy by myself as its my custom code i wanted.

i soon also plan to edit the HDD menu to make the middle orb of use, hehe i talk about that more later and what i plan to use it for, LOL

#5 XxXDarkwraitHXxX


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Posted 08 July 2005 - 08:18 PM

Here is an addon to his code. This is to change the cellwall by typing the name of it in with the in-dash keyboard.


Look for

Right above


Add in

configList[i] = "Cellwall Type:";
configValues[i] = "c-Dashboard Settings-Current Cellwall";
configSelect[i] = "ConfigKeyB()";
i = i + 1;

It's untested, but it should work.

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