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Hardcore Homecoming

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Posted 11 June 2005 - 07:22 PM


Heres the results from last nights Hardcore Homecoming show:

Check back with us throughout the evening for live updates and results from the Hardcore Homecoming show at the Arena in Philadelphia.

It's EXTREMEly hot in the building and it's totally packed. The crowd is electric and everyone seems to be excited about the show.

The show is starting on time, or as close as it's ever started...Bob Artese to the ring at 8:05.

Artese introduced Tod Gordon as the man who helped start it all.

Gordon made his way to the ringside shaking hands with all of the fans in the front row before entering the ring to a long sustained applause and chants of "ECW" and "Welcome Back".

Gordon's remarks: "From the bottom of my heart, the reason this is happening tonight is the incredible group of talent in the back and each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank all of you!"

Joey Styles and Cyrus made their way to the ring to a huge reaction from the crowd. The crowd chanted "Joey Joey Joey".

Joey screamed "Oh my god!" and got a huge ECW chant.

Crowd chanted "Welcome back". Joey responded, "Thank all of you for coming back" Joel Gertner interrupted with "Well, Well, Well"...and entered the ring to another huge reaction. This crowd is absolutely electric.

Cyrus confronted Gertner and the crowd started chanting "F you Cyrus". Cyrus shook his hand and complimented him on his funny two minute introduction of himself before insulting him by saying he's the same fat piece of trash he was two years ago. Gertner attacked Cyrus and took him to the mat before Joey pulled Gertner off of him. Cyrus bailed out of the ring and left the ring as Joey held up Gertner's hand.

Match 1:


Whipwreck and Chetti won the opener when Mikey hit his finisher on Diamond. Good back and forth match and the crowd was into it all the way. After Whipwreck and Chetti left the ring Diamond and Anderson made their way to their feet to another loud "ECW" chant.

Match 2:


Smothers made his way to the ring with JT Smith. Tommy Rich was a no show and did not call to notify anyone that he would not be at the show. Once in the ring, Smith grabbed the microphone and said "just when I thought we were out, you pulled us back in". He then started singing "Fly me to the moon", but was interrupted by Blue Meanie's music. Meanie hit the ring and started dancing to a decent reaction from the crowd.

Artese introduced Smothers as hailing from "Nashville, Italy". Smothers hammed it up for the crowd. He's such a great heel. Crowd started to chant "Where's my pizza". Then they started chanting "Meanie ate it".

Lot of BWO chants.

Some good comedy spots involved Meanie and referee John Finnigan double teaming Smothers. More BWO chants. I guess Finnigan is a member now.

Smothers grabbed the microphone and said "if I hear that chant one more time everybody dies."

Smothers challenged Meanie to a dance off. Smothers went first and was...well, bad. Meanie went next and wasn't as bad as Smothers. Smothers jumped Meanie in mid-dance and started putting the boots to him. Crowd chanted "asshole". Meanie got the advantage and hit a bulldog and a legdrop for a two count. Meanie hit a splash in the corner and climbed to the top to do a moonsault but JT Smith hit him with a chain. Smothers covered and got the pin with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Memorial Segment:

A tribute package played on the big screen (yes, the Arena now has a big screen) to honor former performers who have died in recent years.

Coming out of the package the old Public Enemy music played and Johnny Grunge and Pit Bull Gary Wolfe to the ring. The crowd waved along to the music.

Back in Black played and Tammy Sytch came to the ring to a thunderous ovation. The crowd chanted Candido. Tammy looks great.

Johnny Grunge thanked the fans for their support. Huge ECW chants. Tammy took the microphone and said "she knew that her husband and all of her brothers in the business who are watching the big monitor in the sky spent the best times of their lives in this ring, in this building, in front of these fans."

Danny Doring and Roadkill made their way to the ring. Crowd chanted "you f sheep" at Roadkill. Doring said "with all due respect to all the great wrestlers who wrestled in this very arena...I did not come out to downplay what they did and I appreciate everything they did in this ring. However, how can you pay homage to those people without paying tribute to the greatest tag team in history". Pit Bull Anthony interrupted him, and he and Johnny turned to leave the ring, but were jumped from behind. Doring and Roadkill began putting the boots to them, then Roadkill approached Tammy in the corner. Tammy ran from the ring to the back as Doring and Roadkill continued to attack Grunge and Anthony. Roadkill put a table in the ring.

911 music played and he hit the ring and chokeslammed Doring and then Roadkill. Pitbull and Grunge set up the table and they put Roadkill on the table and Grunge dropped a top rope elbow on Roadkill.

Public Enemy music played and the entire crowd was waving along with Grunge and Tammy. For good measure, 911 chokeslammed Roadkill one more time.

911 tried to pick up Tammy and put her on his shoulders but slipped and fell and dropped her. Crowd chanted "you f'd up". Grunge, Pitbull, 911, and Tammy kneeled and said a quick prayer while the crowd chanted Candido.

Candido music played again and Tammy climbed the ropes to salute the crowd. Very emotional reaction to the segment

Match 3:


Kid Kash to the ring first, to a "F TNA" chant. Kash gave a promo that was interrupted by "Shut the F up" chants.

2 Cold Scorpio music played and he made his way to the ring. Scorpio is in great shape.

They started off trading punches and shoves. Scorpio got the early advantage and worked on Kash's arm. Kash countered but Scorpio maintained the hold. They went back and forth with reversals and takedowns before returning to their feet to square off. They continued to mat wrestle and got the first "boring" chants of the night. They are working a really slow style to start the match. Scorpio took Kash down with a dropkick, superkick combo and Kash rolled to the floor. Kash rolled back in and then hit a springboard hurricanrana on the floor. That got an ECW chant. They traded kicks and punches on the floor and Kash started to work the crowd. Kash rammed Scorpio into the barricade and continued to taunt the crowd. Scorpio started to fire back and they made their way up the ramp to the stage area. Scorpio told the crowd to clear out of the way but Kash countered and threw him off the stage into the crowd. Kash then hit a summersault splash into the crowd on Scorpio. More ECW chants. Atlas Security was in the crowd with them to keep fans out of the way and they started to exchange punches in the crowd while the rest of the audience chanted 'We can't see s***". Kash returned to the ring and started to taunt the crowd again. Scorpio was still down in the crowd and the ref started to count him out. Scorpio made his way back to the ring and made it back in at the count of 9. Kash threw him back to the floor and hit him with a belt Scorpio had brought to the ring. Scorpio blocked it and got the advantage on the floor. Crowd started to chant "Scorpio". Back and forth punches on the floor. Kash rammed him into the barricade and tried a splash but missed. Scorpio thre Kash back in the ring and powerbombed him and then went to the 2nd rope and did a flip legdrop. He went back up, this time to the top, and hit another one. More ECW chants. Scorpio covered for a two count. Kash hit a jump moonsault off the top rope for a two count. This match is really getting good, and should be on ppv. Kash tried a hurricanrana from the top but didn't hit it. Scorpio superkicked him and hit him with several kneelifts then a backflip kick that took him down for a two count. Scorpio hit another powerbomb and then hit the 450 splash for the pin. Scorpio got the win in a really good match. Scorpio should be working on tv every week.

Match 4:

This one wasn't actually a match. Kronus came out first, then Ian and Axl Rotten hit the ring. They jumped Kronus and bloodied him before New Jack hit the ring with weapons. A wild and bloody brawl followed with the crowd going crazy over the violence. During the brawl a scaffold was pushed to the ring and New Jack and Kronus set up a table in the ring. New Jack climbed the scaffold and dove on Ian Rotten. The reunited Gangstanators celebrated in the ring and then left the ring to a huge ovation, but not before New Jack cut a scathing promo on the show bring run Sunday night by WWE.

Match 5:


Lynn is working his first match since shoulder surgery. Credible came out first to a nice reaction. Jason came to the ring with him. Jerry Lynn made his way to the ring to a huge reaction from the crowd. Lynn looks like he's in great condition. Back and forth to start, before Lynn got the advantage and worked on Credible's arm. Credible came back with an eye rake and worked over Lynn in the corner with chops. Lynn came right back though and the action spilled to the floor. Lynn hit a legdrop on the apron and they battled at ringside. Credible threw Lynn into the barricade and started to work over his shoulder. Lynn came back with punches and then did a dive into the crowd. They went back into the ring and Credible brought a chair in. Lynn DDTd him on the chair. Jason helped Credible by holding a chair for Credible to dropkick in the corner. Credible wrenched Lynn's neck as Jason worked the crowd. Lynn fired back and the two went back and forth for a few minutes. Lynn hasn't lost a step. Credible threw Lynn to the floor and distracted the ref while Jason worked over Lynn on the floor. Back in the ring Credible continued to work on Lynn. Credible crotched himself on the post and Lynn started a comeback. Jason hit Lynn in the back to set up another near fall for Credible. Crowd was really behind Lynn. Lynn hit the cradle piledriver for a 2 count. Great false finish. The entire crowd bought that one. Lynn went to the top, but Jason pushed him off. In a crazy spot, Lynn hit a hurricanrana from the top rope that put both Lynn and Credible through a table. That prompted a Holy S*** chant. They got back in the ring and Lynn covered but Jason pulled the ref. Jazz hit the ring and went after Jason. Jazz chased Jason up the ramp and gave him a low blow. Back in the ring Lynn and Credible went back and forth before Lynn hit another cradle piledriver for the win.

Match 6:


Raven came to the ring first, with Blue Meanie and a guy dressed up like one of the Three Musketeers. Sandman came out to what is without a doubt still the most incredible entrance ever in wrestling. If you haven't seen Sandman's entrance at ECW Arena, you have really missed something special. Raven cut a promo and told Sandman he couldn't get through the Musketeer. The Musketeer pulled out a sword. Sandman decked both the Musketeer and Meanie with his Singapore Cane. Raven hit the ring and grabbed the cane and caned Sandman with it several times. Sandman didn't go down. The crowd started chanting "Johnny Polo". Raven continued to work over Sandman with kicks and punches. Sandman was already bloody from his entrance (self inflicted beercan shots to his head). They went to the floor and Raven hit Sandman with a chair. Sandman threw Raven into the barricade. Sandman threw the Musketeer's cape into the crowd and put on the stupid looking hat. Sandman rammed Raven into the rail again. Raven threw a ladder into the ring. Meanie and Musketeer threw a table into the ring. Raven slammed Sandman into the ladder and they did some ladder spots. Sandman propped the table into the corner. Meanie threw powder in Sandman's face and Raven hit a DDT. Sandman kicked out. Sandman rammed Raven through the table then caned Meanie and Musketeer. Sandman put the ladder on top of Raven and did a top rope moonsault on him. More ECW chants. Another table was set up and Raven was put on it. Sandman moonsaults on the table. More ECW chants. Meanie pulled the ref out on the count and hit the ring to attack Sandman. Meanie moonsaulted on Sandman and went up for another one. He hit the 2nd one and went up again. Meanie hit the 3rd moonsault and Sandman kicked out at two. Sandman hit a DDT. Don E Allen hit the ring but Mikey Whipwreck came out and cut him off. Mikey handed Sandman a beer then kicked him low and hit his Whippersnapper on him. Raven covered for a quick pin for the win. As Sandman made his way to his feet, the crowd gave him a big ovation.

Main Event Three Way Dance No Rope Barbed Wire Match:

Terry Funk came to the ring to Desperado to chants of "Terry Terry". Funk grabbed the microphone and asked the crowd if they would give him 20 minutes of their time "because we want to get wired"!

Ring attendants came to the ring with barbed wire and the crowd went crazy again. Funk left the ring to go to the back while the ring ropes were removed and barbed wire was strung.

Check back with us in 20 minutes for the match results.

There was a momentary scare when the commission almost stepped in to stop the match before it happened. Wire had already started being put up and then the crew was forced to take it to the back before the commission allowed the match to go on.

Shane Douglas came to the ring with Francine. The crowd chanted "Thank you Shane". Shane responded with "Right back at you, you're the craziest MFers on the face of the planet, thank each and other one of you". "They said it couldn't be done...in the Arena we made famous we will bring hardcore back". Sabu music played and he came out to a huge ovation with Bill Alphonso. Terry Funk came out to Desperado. Tammy Sytch walked him to the ring. Fans threw streamers into the ring. Bob Artese made the formal introductions.

The match started with a three way lockup which turned into a chain headlock. Terry Funk was whipped to the ropes, then Shane Douglas was whipped to the ropes. The ropes are barbed wire. Action spilled to the floor and Sabu did a dive into the crowd. All three men were bloody early in the match as they took turns using the wire on each other. Funk got caught in the ropes at one point with his neck wedged between the top two strands of wire. Shane got crotched on the wire. Sabu got tangled in the wire. Funk started to throw chairs in the ring. Funk got tantled in the ropes and had to be cut loose. Francine and Fonzy into it and rolled around on the ramp. Back in the ring Funk covered Shane for a two count. Slow paced match with lots of blood. Funk wrapped Sabu in the wire, then took out the the ref. They had to cut Sabut out of the wire. The locker room began to empty to watch the match from the stage. Shane took out another ref. Shane used a chain to deck Funk and Sabu.

Lights out

CACTUS JACK in the ring

Cactus brought out Socko to boos from the crowd....then he wrapped Socko in barbed wire to a better reaction. Terry Funk rolled up Shane Douglas and Cactus counted the pin. Douglas is eliminated.

Match continues....Sabu and Funk still in the ring as Shane makes his way up the ramp to applause. Funk sets Sabu on a table and climbs a ladder and falls off the ladder onto the table. Sabu hits Funk with his chair legrop for the pin.

Sabu wins the Three Way Dance

Credit: 1wrestling.com



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Posted 15 June 2005 - 02:23 AM

Awesome review/coverage...



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Posted 15 June 2005 - 02:24 AM

oh.. wait.. you didn't write it. Props to 1wrestling.com then.

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Posted 16 June 2005 - 06:19 AM

Hmm sounds like may have been better then One Night Stand. Any idea on if this will get a DVD release?

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Posted 16 June 2005 - 10:45 PM

in a couple weeks

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