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Ftp Issues

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 04:47 PM

I'm having a few problems with UIX and FTP (I know ftp sux.. as a transfer method I'm looking forward to newer methods I've read about)
Here's my machine specs:

Xbox V1.0
Bios TSOP Xecuter2 4983
HD, Multiple this one is a Seagate Barracuda 80gb
01.03.05.user.interface.x.dash (I did use the replacement xbe) Source XBINS

The first problem I noticed is that the box will not instantly pick up an IP from my DHCP server (wingate WinXP) until I go into evox from the apps and then back in to UIX again via the MSDashboard link. Weird right?

Next is a problem with ftp transfer (FlashFXP). Everything appears to be working fine with this but then 1/2 to 3/4 through the entire transfer process (example - 2gb 100's of files) it dies and just freezes up with no activity from either side. It won't allow some files to transfer at strange points either which when running evox if I re-run the que it transfers them over with no problem.

No pressure here as I'm able to work around the problems as seen but I figured I'd put something in here to see what everyone thinks. I hit the IRC a couple of days ago about the dvd player remote control not being able to use the right or left direction buttons but I was told I could code this in myself so I'll work on that one. unsure.gif

I failed to mention this but UIX rocks, great work.

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#2 Lohan79


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 04:16 PM

Guess no one wants to even think about this one, if it's in the wrong place please let me know.

This may or may not be related but the file system of the machine I am connecting to the xbox with is FAT32. Recently I was having problems copying over a 4gb image to a second partition(FAT32) also and was getting a "out of disk space error" but there was 10gb left as the drive was empty. I deleted and readded the partition to with no luck so I decided to format it in NTFS and the problem was fixed.

Is there a chance that my file system could make that much of a difference?

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 01:18 AM

FAT32 -- Small HDD

NTFS -- Huge HDD

I used to hae those sort of problems with UIX, i run a DHCP server at my home. What i done to fix it was to set XBMC to DHCP, check its IP and reboot the xbox. Next i wait till UIX boots then just FTP to its IP.

If i go check the xbox's IP in the network settings in UIX it will bugger it up and i cant connect to it untill i reboot.

As for the remote, that was a bug. Yes you can code this for yourself. And id say that it will be corrected in UIX 2.0

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Posted 12 August 2005 - 05:34 PM

almost all found ftp bugs have been squashed now (including the occasional freeze in mid xfer). last 2 bugs with ftp are CuteFTP (not so cute) and IE's ftp (just plain crap). it's been tested with about a dozen leading ftp clients including linux clients and is working fine. only 'bug' left with dhcp is it won't report the dhcp gateway 1st time around, after it's rebooted the gateway will report correctly. the last prob you had is with your filesystem. fat32 doesn't handle files over 2gb in size. switch to ntfs and that problem goes away.


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