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Several Questions Covering A Range Of Topics.

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Posted 21 July 2005 - 02:16 PM

Hi all, just another noob here with a slew of multi-topic questions. I've been trying to understand the xbox mod scene for several months now, and I'm hoping a seasoned vet could give me some feedback here. If you'd please provide the corresponding Q# in your post, it'd be a great help. I'm sure a bunch of noobs have these same questions, so you'd be helping a lot of us. Please feel free to expand on any of the Yes/No questions. I do realize that some of these may be answered elsewhere in the forums; if it aggrivates you that I'm asking 'em, just skip 'em or, better yet, humor me with your response. Thanks in advance.


       Q#  Type        Question (In no particular order)
       1   Short Ans.  What would happen if I opened my Xbox and hooked its DVD drive
                       up to the IDE connector on a PC? Would my PC be able to use it
                       as a regular DVD-ROM? Would it read game discs? Would a PC BIOS
                       even detect it? Can the power connector be adapted to work with a
                       4-pin PC power connector? Any recent developments in this area?
       2   Yes/No      Can a PC DVD drive serve as an Xbox DVD drive replacement?
       3   Y/N         If yes above, would it read game discs?
       4   Y/N         If I run a homebrew dash on my modded box, does it remain in memory
                       if I launch a game from it?
       5   Y/N         If I have EvoX and UnleashX installed, and repeatedly launch one
                       from the other, will my system's resources be consumed? (Extension
                       of the previous question)
       6   Y/N         I notice most of the replacement dashes provide the option to
                       adjust the fan speed, and that the retail Xbox seems to be set to
                       run at the lowest speed. Is it recommened that I turn up the fan
                       speed (or is this just provided as a novelty)?
       7   Y/N 2-part  Can a modded box w/hacked BIOS run the MS dash? If yes, does this
                       include the "Xbox Live" option in the main menu?
       8   Y/N 2-part  Can a retail BIOS be loaded on a modchip? If this was to happen,
                       can you recover (in the case of a multi-bank chip, assume there is
                       no other BIOS on it)?
       9   Short Ans.  I'm currently running the UDE softmod, but am considering a modchip.
                       Please provide a (short?) list of what additional benefits I could
                       expect (I'm running the X2 4981.67 BFM bios now, and can run backups
                       and homebrew apps. I also have a 160GB HDD).
       10  Y/N 2-part  Does "the usual places" keep its files current? Are there better
                       places to look for certain apps? (Everything seems outdated, and I'm
                       just wondering if the community has other resources and/or if I'd be
                       better off locating every app's dev. site for current d/l's)
       11  Long Ans.   Why can't we run backups on an unmodded box? Could we if we could
                       factor the Xbox's 617-digit public key? ::Really curious::
       12  Y/N         Is there or will there ever be an ISO (X-ISO, whatever) ripper for
                       the Xbox? (You know, an .xbe file independent of a PC)
       13  Long Ans.   Why can't a modded box access Live? (please don't say "cuz you'll
                       get banned") Do they immediately detect a hacked BIOS and ban you?
                       Can't a BIOS be made to look retail in Live's eyes? Please elaborate
                       on this as much as you can, it just fascinates me. I understand
                       marriage theory (mostly) but nearly all info on banning is outdated.
       14  Y/N 2-part  If you have a modchip (need not worry 'bout HD locking), can you
                       have an altogether different filesystem on you HD? I assume the
                       answer is no. Is it because of something on the motherboard that
                       is incompatible with, say, FAT32?
       15  Y/N 2-part  Is writing to the EEPROM dangerous? Does the MS dash ever write to
                       the EEPROM?
       16  Short Ans.  What do "TSOP" and "EEPROM" stand for? What is the purpose of the
                       [retail] TSOP chip? Are the BIOS, TSOP, & EEPROM all independent and
                       in their own little area of the motherboard? Do EEPROMs and TSOPs
                       exist outside the world of Xbox hardware?
       17  Y/N         Can a battery replace the capacitor that maintains the clock?
       18  Y/N         Is there an IR device/adapter/protocol/etc that can turn ON an Xbox?
       19  Y/N 2-part  When the Xbox360 arrives, are the modders going to put all of their
                       efforts into hacking it? Will the "Xbox 1" mod scene still thrive?
       20  Up to you   Are all modders college students? Is anyone else out there in their
                       30s? How would you describe yourself regarding hardware/software
                       experience? Do you know all there is to know about the Xbox? Are
                       you a "hardcore gamer?" Care to say anything else about yourself?

Thanks a bunch, guys--I think that's it. But ya know, as I was typing this out it occured to me that I might be writing an "Xbox Mod Quiz" of sorts. It also occured to me that some of you might like it, perhaps as a test of your knowledge? Anyway, if you'd like more questions similar to these, I'm sure I can come up with more. Maybe you'd like some harder ones? Of course, some questions I wouldn't even know how to ask--and some answers may never be known...

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Posted 21 July 2005 - 02:25 PM

That is a ton of questions and if someone is willing to sit down here and answer all of those, good for them. But sorry im not gonna baby feed you. Most of what i read could be easily found in here.

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Posted 21 July 2005 - 02:44 PM

1. no i doubt it, i believe you need to alter the firmware for that to work.
2. yes certain kinds with upgraded firmware, and some soldering
4not quite sure but i believe no
5. no
6.you dont need to unless you have a hard drive that is kicking out a lot of heat or you run your xbox constantly
7. yes then no
9.i just think a mod chip is more stable
10. yes and im not going to discuss where else but look there are other places
11.figure out the key then
12 not sure
13.long answer- yes bios
16. google.com
17. in theory i believe
18. yes
19. i would assume so, and 2 its up tot he admins of this site, but i would think so
20 what does this have to do with anything

now after wasting 10 minutes of my life that i will never get back, i hope you have your answers.

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