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Raincoat Tsop Flash Weird Programming Error

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#1 XBoXMan


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Posted 22 July 2005 - 09:31 PM

I got this error when I used raincoat 0.7 to flash.

# ./raincoat -p bios.bin
raincoat Flasher 0.7 Feb 20 2004 by andy@warmcat.com & eXOBeX @ P/Systems
Reading raincoat.conf... 151 flash types read

DETECTED: Winbond W49F020 (256K)
Programming with bios.bin...Read 262144 bytes from file
Starting at address 0x000000...
Trying to erase whole chip
PROGRAM ERROR AT +0x1D...wrote 0x7C read 0x7E..):.
Programming Error: Program failed for byte at +0x1d; wrote 0x7C, read 0x7C

Anyone know what that mean? please let me know what I did wrong. I solder both top and and bottom write enable points for v1.4 board. Winbond chip and im using xray3 to boot and cut wires before flash per this guide: http://www.xraychips...pPics/Xray3.htm. Since my tsop is screwed, I can't use exploit.

#2 evanmugford


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Posted 23 July 2005 - 02:18 AM

on a 1.4 both tsop points are on the top of the board

#3 XBoXMan


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Posted 23 July 2005 - 03:17 AM

duh! I know, I did both of those and the one of the bottom as well just in case. However, I did tried only the two top ones first.

#4 Exobex


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Posted 23 July 2005 - 12:29 PM

It means that the chip failed to program properly. One of the bytes didn't read back with the same data as was written. Could be a faulty chip, could be due to the Xray being there.

If this ever happens, try reprogramming again, and again, and again, until it passes. If necessary FTP a different BIOS across (X2 instead of EvoX or vice-versa) and try that, as the affected bit (bit #1 of 0x1d stuck on in this case) might be "stuck the right way" for the other BIOS. If you power off or reboot at this stage, your TSOP BIOS is GUARANTEED to be screwed. Fortunately, you've got the chip required to fix it. Reconnect it, boot up and try again. If it fails, keep switched on and try snipping more of the Xray wires (power ones LAST) before retrying, until you either succeed or run out of wires to cut. Keep wire cuts fairly close to the board to avoid problems caused by the bunch of little antennae you'll now have on the TSOP's data and address lines. Good luck!

#5 eye_share


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Posted 24 July 2005 - 06:54 AM

Your soldering points are perfect because raincoat checks
for this and will not erase the TSOP if a point is not "joined"
but will try to flash the TSOP with whatever bios you put
in the raincoat folder if the points are good.

The bios is the problem, you must of used an incompatible
bios for your TSOP.

It could of been a bad edit, a mod chip bios you uesd or

Do like buddy says and just use the good old X2 4981.06/67
for now or just flash it with the original bios you backed up.

In any case read, read, and read some more.

It was lights out, for awhile, as soon as it said Completed



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