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Need To Find A Gamesave

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#1 hadrian


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Posted 26 July 2005 - 01:05 AM

I've searched around and haven't had the greatest luck yet. I'm looking for a gamesave to get my game unfucked.

Basically, when in Peragus, when I went back to get T3-M4 to rejoin my team after Kreia goes off to get her hand chopped up ... there was a problem. T4-M4 would not talk when I clicked on him. I tried over and over again... nothing. He just sat there and did nothing. I gave up and completed the mission without him. He was not a playable character after that.

No problem, I didn't need him anyway.... OR DID I?!?

After I got through the JarrJarrTekk thingy on Nar Shada, you get a mission where you have to take T3-M4 into the droid wherehouse. It automatically selects T3-M4... and I get a blank screen.

Noises still going on, and I can get to the menu, but I can't do anything. T4-M4's icon now has a big red X over it... sucks.

Anyway, Ive been looking for a game save to get me to where I am but having T3-M4. I know this is tough since the game is no longer linear, but I went to Nar Shadaa first after Getting off Telos.

Anyone have any idea how to get a game save like this.

Alternatively, are there any mods that allow me to add a character back into my party that was never picked up the right way?

#2 darth_turtur


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Posted 26 July 2005 - 07:32 PM

Check the Game Hacking>Kotor forum. I pinned some resources there which include a couple of gamesaves that may serve as a solution for your problem. I'm not sure if you're running the game from your HD, but it looks like you have all the bugs that everyone else have experienced while playing this game.

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