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Ncaa Football 2006

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#1 gundamhr


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Posted 02 August 2005 - 09:51 AM

i'm gonna make this one simple. its a great game. get it

graphics are simply amazing. players look real. weather conditions look realistic as well. i wish there was high end hdtv support, but overall i was happy. this is simple one of the best games out there. EA sports simply owns the sports categories. graphics get an 8, not halo 2 or doom 3 lookin, but damn close.

audio i think is the best part of the game. hook up some 5.1 and blast it up and it sounds like you are actually in the game. in big rivalry games it gets really really loud and even with a 2 speaker stereo TV it gets interesting. audio gets a 9, simply flawless, you hit people and you can hear the helmets clash.

gameplay is decent. i think the best part about it is "race for the heisman". i would give that part a 9. you basically make a player, go to a scouting practice, get scholarships, practice, train, etc. and try to grab the heisman. while playing the game, i got kind of ticked off. my brother runs the same play about 60x in a game. simply put, his playbook of X sets and O sets consists of mainly 7 plays. it makes the gameplay a little ridiculous and unrealistic because college player's can't hailmary every 4th down and convert. don't get me wrong, i stilll love the game and gameplay, but if you ever play against a cheapo or a camper (like my brother) then you will not have fun. gameplay overall gets a 7. running game is a little tough to catch onto, and running options was confusing at first, but its all good.

overall, this is another fine EA production. go cop it. worth every dime, and get good at it and pawn your friends. by the way, i hate USC, why are they #1 in the game?

#2 Snowhawk


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Posted 13 August 2005 - 08:21 PM

QUOTE(gundamhr @ Aug 2 2005, 11:02 AM)
by the way, i hate USC, why are they #1 in the game?

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reggie bush & matt leinart are actually that good (don't let the fact that I actually attend USC bother you tho). As for the game, yea, I love it, graphics and gameplay are just a little better than madden. The controls are better on ncaa as well, but the fact that i've completed "The Race", i've moved my player to "Superstar" mode on madden, which just adds to the fun. Both of these modes in the two games are great, and you will enjoy taking your player to the top from nothing.

My player (HB) was recruited by Bowling Green, Runner-up Heisman in junior year, and Heisman winner in senior year (Heisman difficulty), so far in madden, my player has been drafted by Chicago in the 2nd round (3rd string) then traded to arizona (starter)

I might created another player in ncaa (CB) and build his career, really like the defensive approach to the new qb vision controls in madden.

#3 gta95


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Posted 23 October 2005 - 02:06 AM

The only thing i find wierd, is that i can walk on to any college, and automaticly have the starting job even though i am not the best player.

#4 imamafackinhokie


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Posted 12 January 2006 - 10:02 PM

NCAA needs to bring back the Historic games next year, those were fun.

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