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Before You Post Mod Questions

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Posted 12 August 2005 - 08:26 AM

Hey fellows, I noticed that this thread is getting heavy on a lot of new people having trouble with the modding instructions and things in this topic. I'm going to try and post some helpful info on modifications as well as rules that people get confused on. I don't want any flaming in this post if it's possible. I'm going to comment on a few incidents that happened in here in hopes that they won't be repeated. It's purely going to be mentioned to guard against the behavoir happening again, because it has a recent history of getting ridiculous. I'm going to try to simplify the process for you guys who are having trouble.

Firstly there are some certain rules in here that will help you out, because you could possibly get even banned if you don't know/follow them responsibly while modding. 1) This forum is great because we don't run up against piracy situations like some modding forums have gotten bogged down in, nor is that kind of thing encouraged here. You may not realise this includes any file from any xbox game, which means no xbe's. The reason why mod files themself are different is because they don't contain actual game code or copywrighted material. Keep a safe distance from that one and you will be alright. 2) There have been a couple of incidents in the past where people tried to post up links to torrents and those got shot down fast /banned for good reason, because torrents are pretty hot water and it's just an easily recogniseable big mistake too. 3) It's good practice if you try to make your own mods to make it first priority to include full credit for anyone who's other mods you have used parts from in your mod. They've just worked hard on it and really deserve that credit. Remember, rules come before the game mods or else we probably wouldn't even have them.

About the mod guides: they're pretty great, simple and precise. (The original ones.) But, if you have questions I can try to help on a few of them. Simply ask, it's ok, just don't go nuts. If you have gotten hung up on the guides, it could be due to the re-written versions by grifter. They come from original guides that were foolproof, accurate and clear, but he garbled them. If you go back a few pages and look for the originals you may find them tons more clear. They're sure to help you get a bit unstuck and if you have further questions I can try to help in this thread. I'm not flaming when I say grif simply didn't know how to use a computer, which is one of the reasons he eventually got banned, because communication escalated into very annoying places when he refused to be known as a terrible instruction writer/follower. I would even so much as say it's kind of an unspoken rule to be the exact opposite of that guy. This is not flaming, he's banned for those reasons, and I want to help everyone else avoid making those same shameless mistakes. If you are having trouble with computer terms or concepts, what helped me was to sit down and study it until I had a solid, accurate grasp, and then go back and see what I understood. You could try different things, fail a few times, and stumble on the answer. Just like you may suspect and have an instinct, the answer is often just under the surface right where you'd think.

A few specific helpful bits of mod advice that get asked about often:

::: The mods go in whatever folder morrowind is in, in the data files folder in that folder. That means .esp files and .esm files and all folders and free floating files that come in mods go in data files. Mods heavy on texture files usually have instructions with them that can help you if you think for a second and think about them in xbox terms. Read up in the far back pages a bit and you'll understand how they're related.

::: Pay careful attention to the fact that there are two xbe files used to run morrowind. One is called morrowind.xbe and one is called default.xbe, and it's possible to confuse them.

::: Anyone who is having troubles with hex editing specifically, the xvi32 hex editor is described as working with most of those mods. For whatever reason, different hex editors sometimes bring up different versions of hex. If the terms are confusing to you; offsets are addresses, and there is no h actually typed in the hex version of an address/offset/whichever you want to call it.

::: Problems with the better bodies mods can come from the fact that the folders sometimes don't start out with the textures placed in them correctly. This is because there are two versions of the textures. Peanut gallery and regular. Obviously they couldn't have put both versions in, so the peanut gallery and regular textures both start out stored within subfolders for you to pick and choose and dig out yourself.

::: Some mods simply don't work because they take up too much ram and they fail to load, or they even freeze the game. These are likely to be mods that have extensive land masses, tons of textures, or scripting.

::: Not all mods that work on the PC work on the xbox version. This is a big one for a lot of people to understand. If you try out a mod following the instructions exactly, and you understand them clearly, then it may just not work on the xbox.

::: Sometimes the only way to get a mod to work is to remove dependencies on bloodmoon and tribunal from it. That requires tesdtk, which can be downloaded from a lot of morrowind mod sites for the pc. You need to have java runtime installed to run it. Lately, it may even come with it.

::: You don't have to edit your .ini file at all. You can accomplish a couple of slightly cool things like lowering the fog levels but that's not even worth it, and it doesn't affect other mods.

::: One thing that can cause dirty disk errors to happen sometimes is forgetting to clear your cache drives when you take out problematic mods. (Your cache drives are X, Y, and Z.).

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Posted 12 August 2005 - 09:15 AM

Yeah never be afraid to ask, just don't ask without doing a little research. Threads like "How do I hack morrowind" when the first two topics essentially all inclusive guides to modding make you look like you don't want to put any effort into it. If I get a little grumpy, its because modding is not for people who don't know about software and computers in a fairly technical light. You can't just walk in and expect to be shown the way. That said, if you have a question, pm me if you think you don't need to start a thread about it. If I can't answer it, then we can go from there.

Not trying to horn in mods, just lending a hand!

#3 forprog


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Posted 12 August 2005 - 05:42 PM

Great topic hopeful i pinned it but left it open. It answers alot of the questions asked over and over

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Posted 12 August 2005 - 06:25 PM

QUOTE(shadowfall @ Aug 12 2005, 02:26 AM)

Not trying to horn in mods, just lending a hand!

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You're a good member shadow...keep it up and we appreciate all the help you've been giving other users.

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