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Pspmediacenter 0.87a

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Posted 13 August 2005 - 11:32 AM

PSPMediaCenter 0.87a

PSPMediaCenter by John_K & adresd

v0.87 - July 14 2003
Fixed a bug with skip tune, introduced with last version.
Added a Loop/Advance mode to playing, so can either loop a song, or advance down playlist.
This is on the triangle button, shows LOOP or ADVANCE in top right corner of screen.
Minor other bugfixes.

v0.86 - July 13 2003
Sorted out mikmod display functions and timer.
Added subdirectory support to filescanning in the debug gui, now everything below
ms0:/PSP/MUSIC/ will be scanned.
Fixed some minor problems with AHX playback

v0.84 - July 12 2003
Reworked the extension handling, to allow more than one extension per codec.
STSound and MikMod Library Support added.
Altered media list sorting.

v0.83 - July 5 2003
Added timer display to decoders, and to debug gui lib.

v0.82 - July 3 2005
Fixed OGG crashing at end of file
Made OGGs loop
Cleaned up OGG printfs
Fixed slight ommission when adresd changed makefile to use build.mak in v0.79 (added -G0 to CFLAGS)

v0.81 - July 3 2005
Re-organisation to split the gui's into configurable options.
This allows a debug version for audio codecs, and a debug one
for video codecs, as well as the 'full' nice interface for
release builds.

v0.80 - July 3 2005
Added a base XM player.

v0.79 - July 2 2005
Fixed up to build with new pspsdk setup.
Left and Right top buttons now do previous/next tune when playing.
Left and Right d-pad goes up/down 10 tunes in the playlist view.
Ogg seems slightly broken, investigating. So using old compile at moment.

v0.71 - June 27 2005
44kHz OGG Decoding fixed
AAC code added. Not working yet.
new toolchain / PSPSDK broke libTremor just after we fixed it, OGG no longer works at all

v0.7 - June 25 2005
Added AHX support
For this version, codec config moved to 'codec.conf' so player app doesnt
need to be changed to add/remove codecs.

v0.5b - June 23 2005
Currently plays MP3s, MODs and partially OGGs (they jitter).
Uses libMad, Tremor and adresd's MOD code.

Place media files in /PSP/MUSIC but not in a subdir.
For MODs, only .mod will work. AHX support is in the works.

only 44khz files are currently supported, although others may partially work.

Greetz to the #pspdev and #ps2dev crews!
http://pspdev.org - http://wiki.pspdev.org

have somebody tried this? beerchug.gif

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Posted 13 August 2005 - 04:26 PM

what about it..? why does this need a sticky

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 12:13 AM

probally because no one reads stickies, he just wanted to save people some time

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 02:21 AM

Not every single piece of news has to be posted in the pinned section. We try to keep it clean.

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