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Flashing Issues, Yes Ive Searched!

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Posted 25 August 2005 - 09:33 AM

I have xbit and box 1.5
Im using my laptop no usb peripherals connected, hell i even took out my cd rom drive. I can connect to the xbit just fine, however if and when I follow the "soltution to flashing your xbit" instructions. Having 1-3 switches off and 4 on, when I connect the the chip to the usb the green light will not turn on. If I use any other bios bank the green light turns on. So, using a different bios bank 1 on and 2-4 off. I can connect to the chip using 1.5, when I try to write the x2 bios 4983.bin (renamed to bios.bin) It will start erasing and the number of block just keeps expanding (ex erasing block=10025 <this number just keeps going)

im not sure what to do next. My original hdd drive is wiped out of any folders so I cannot connect it. I tried using my friends oe hdd, without the chip and it gives me error 6, unable to unlock the HDD.

Can anyone help out with this one.


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