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Hd Issues...

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Posted 07 September 2005 - 10:29 PM

I think I posted this a bit ago, but I don't feel like searching for my old post. Since then, things have changed too. So if you are reading my story for the second time, I'm sorry, but I really need help on this one.

My situation is this: I have an XBox, v.1.0 or 1.2 I believe. I bought it about 15 months after XBox was made publicly available. About 3 months later, I decided to soft mod it. I didn't want to do a hardware mod (chip) because I know no one with good soldering skills and I didn't trust shipping it away to some guy I just met on message boards to solder for me.

I went over to a friend's and soft modded it. Now this was a strange setup, because we had a friend of ours FTP his HDD to us to just put onto the XBox. We did no exploits other than the Mechassault game save exploit to FTP into the XBox. Here I am with a modded XBox that worked perfectly for me, but that wasn't enough.

Being the nosey, experimental person I am, I decided to roam around on the internet to see what I could do with my behemoth machine. I soon found that different BIOS allow you do do different things with the XBox. I set out to find new bios to do what I wanted, which was to allow me to boot directly to my dashboard from in a game, rather than just rebooting the system like my current bios did.

I found some bios on some random forums that someone said worked to my specifications. I power up the XBox, go into UnleashX's System Explorer, and find my bios. I delete them and as soon as I get ready to FTP the new BIOS over, my PC locks up. Shortly after the PC lock up, the power in my house goes (it was a stormy night). There goes the XBox's power. At that point in time I realize what just happened. I deleted the BIOS from the XBox, then the power to it went off. That REALLY burned my brain.

I'll spare the rest and but to the chase. My XBox HDD was basically in a coma; it still worked, just didn't do anything but sit there. A friend came over saying he could fix my XBox for me with my HDD key, which I always have a backup of spread across me and two friends (all three of our XBoxes as well as any computer the three of us had). He was a busy man, so I decided to run over, grab the tools he had, and do this on my own. It couldn't be too hard, could it?

I get home, put in the Linux boot disc, and begin to unlock the HDD and reformat that badboy. Reformat success! It basically turned any fried HDD into a virgin state HDD, holding the files for the original dashboard. Success? No. While I was relocking I made a typo in the key that I did not realize I did until after I tried to boot the drive. I did not know where the typo was, so I gave up on that HDD.

I got on eBay and bought a new 10gig HDD to use until the XBox 360 comes out. It is the same make and model as my previous, so it HAS to work. It even showed up on this list I had of working HDD's. After I got the files back on it from the Linux boot disk, I lock it with the SHORTER HDD code, the one labeled, "XboxHDKey" in an EVox HDKey backup file. It diddn't work. I unlocked it and tried the longer one labeled, "HDDLockDisablePassword" and still no luck.

I keep getting the Error 6 XBox Service screen, which means that the motherboard cannot unlock the HDD (as per what this site has on the error messages). This means that the HDD Key that I'm setting and the HDD Key the motherboard is using are both different, which can't be because this IS the code I got from my XBox. It's the right model number and everything.

Any got any ideas?

(sorry for the length of my post, I can get carried away)

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Posted 07 September 2005 - 10:37 PM

you need the eeprom.bin file from the evox backup folder, and use xhdm to set up and lock the HD, it generates the key and locks eliminating the possiblity of a typo, it also sets a master password so you can always unlock even if you lose the HD key or eeprom.bin

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