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Want Help With A Screwed Softmod?! Read This Post!

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Posted 17 September 2005 - 11:16 PM

This is a copy for the Exploits forum pinned topic:

Xbox-Scene official forum rules
Read or you may be banned, no exceptions!
You may also be able to find useful guides and utilities on XGuides.

Notes about obsolete hacks, tools, or guides.
Useful guides for many frequent questions or problems.
Other useful information sidenotes.
Other general guides concerning softmods.

Exploit tools:

Krayzie Ndure Installer
Krayzie UXE Installer v2.8
Krayzie EEE Installer

Memcard UDE1/UDE2 Installer/Uninstaller + a lot more (ltools) - Install UDE from your memory card.
ltools is a outdated due to recent improvements in softmods.
Xbox Hd Rescue/(re)builder Cd. All-in-one Package (xboxhdm)
Dashboard Font Patcher - Patches your MS Dashboard to read the fonts from another location
The fonts -> f0nts patcher is also outdated due to recent improvements.
UDE1/UDE2 Package For Xboxhdm - Includes files needed to install UDE with Xboxhdm
This UDE package is considered obsolete.

Ndure Installer for pc
UXE package for xboxhdm - Newest xboxhdm package

XBOX Apilogger Utility - Once loaded will record calls to specific kernel functions.

Exploit official threads:

The “The Über Xbe Exploit” aka UXE - Official Thread - devz3ro

Live 2.0 Compatible Exploit - Original Thread - devz3ro

Double Dashboard Exploit - Original Thread - Angerwound

Obsolete exploits:
The “Ultimate Dashboard Exploit” aka UDE - Official Thread - PedrosPad
The "Ultimate Dashboard Exploit 2" aka UDE2 - Official Thread - devz3ro
Dashboard Exploit Summary - Which best suits you? - PedrosPad

BIOS patchers and loaders:

Vga Sog Support For Nkpatcher10 - Adding VGA SOG sopport to nkpatcher. Includes source patches as well as pre-patched nkpatcher10.

Frosted Bios Loader - The FAT edition of te PBL Remake - Tomilius

Phoenix Bios Loader - The Metoo Edition - Works with all Kernels - rmenhal

Reintroducing Kernel Patching - Nkpatcher - Unsigned code and F Drive on the Kernel 5530 - rmenhal

Pbl-lite. The Fast Barebones Version - No Controller, S-Video, Focus problems - ldots

Krayzie's basics and FAQ's:

Softmod Basics For N00bs - What,Why, and How.

Softmod Faqs - Frequently Asked Questions Answered

General information:

How to Completely Remove a Softmod - Want to get rid of your softmod but are stuck? read this. - added 1-14-06

Softmods and XBOX Live FAQ - How to use XBOX Live along side a Softmod. - added 1.26.05

Bios Loaders/Kernel Patchers Compared - A nice comparison - added 7.30.04

SoftModding for Absolute Beginners - A must read for everyone new to softmodding. - Added 5-16-04

Hotswap FAQ - All the information one could ever need on HotSwapping. - Added 6-11-04

Is Your 007 / Ma / Sc Exploitable?, Here is how to tell - Added 7-30-05

Hard drive building and rebuilding:

DaddyJ's Infamous hotswap FAQ's - Need info on hotswapping? Make sure you read this!!!. - Added 12-09-05

Upgrading Your Hdd (Using Krayzie's installer) - Tutorial using Xboxhdm to upgrade HDD'sfor Krayzie UXE/Ndure Installer users. - Added 7-16-05

Xboxhdm For Dummies, hdd rebuild, restore, upgrade ..so on - Everything you need to know about xboxhdm. Still have questions? Refer to his original thread. - Added 7.15.04

Installing New Hd On Softmodded Box, w/o XLinux/HDDriver. - Basically, what XBOXHDM does automatically. However, for users wanting to do things themselves here is a small tutorial.

Exploit installation:

ltools Memcard Tutorial - 007, MA, SC, Full tut w/ pictures and vids - Added 29 July 2004

GameSave Exploit with Splinter Cell - Exploits are possible with Mech Assault, 007 AUF, and Splinter Cell. This is a guide for the latter. - Added 2-19-04

Tray-State Decision Making - Creating different launch sequences based on the state of the tray. - Added 8.30.04

Final Tut: Uxe Via Gamesave Ftp - Added 10.08.04


How To Set Up A Completely Hidden C Drive+eeprom, using nkpatcher10 and slayer's disc.

Quick Tut Hidden C + Eeprom, no bootdisc or G drive required!

Hex-Editing the MS Dashboard - An old guide to changing the fonts location within the MS Dashboard.
Take a look at the Font Patcher by ldots in the exploit tools thread for an easier route.

How to Build Your Own BFM Bios - The Sequal to the original thread.

Custom UDE Boot Path - Want to change which files are launched with UDE?

Updated from the Exploits forum pin Jan.31.06

Edited by Xombe, 20 April 2006 - 08:33 AM.

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