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X3 Config Live Won't Load, New Hd Frags

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Posted 18 September 2005 - 07:14 PM

Okay, so. I did some searching around, but AFAIK there wasn't a post on it. Here goes:

I currently have one XBox and three hard drives. One drive, the 'good' drive, works just fine. The second drive was from a friend's XBox, was given him intermittent HD Failure death screens, but upon closer inspection it seems to be just fine (I think the ribbon was just slightly unplugged in his XBox or something likewise silly). The third is a brand new, verified compatible 120GB Samsung HD.

I successfully installed X3 with the solderless Xapt3r into a 1.4/1.5 XBox. FlashBIOS came up, I installed the latest X3 BIOS onto the chip. Reboot, X3 Config Live displays. Tada! Things seemed to be working fine. I FTP'd some things off the good HD, namely saved games and the EEPROM. I turned off the XBox and put in the 'bad' HD, which turned out to be not so bad as it ran just fine; again pulled off the EEPROM, booted into the UnleashX dash and edited the single small problem (auto-loading from DVD, which he didn't want). Things were looking good.

I put in the 120GB HD. X3 Config Live boots up like a charm. I format the HD using the Format and Prepare New HD function. Everything's swell so far. I FTP into the HD and drop in a copy of a good, working XBox config (there are probably better ways of doing this, but I figured I might as well give it a basic test).

Reboot, and... problem. I get the X3's version of the Multilingual Screen of Death, Error 7 (HDD timeout). I say, "That can't be good... oh well, that's not a problem, right? I'll just reformat it and try again." Wrong. I can't get X3 config to come up again with the New (120GB) HD or the Bad HD (locking error even though both drives should have been unlocked). I can get it to come up with the Good HD, but I've heard bad things about attempting to hot-swap HDDs with a running XBox, plus even after I did give it a try (nothing blew up, for once), X3 refused to 'refresh' and recognize the fact I'd put a different HD in.

I've tried everything I can think of, including Reset Config to Default (the flubber's green again, boo hoo tongue.gif). I just can't get it to run X3 Config Live ahead of the MLSoD so I can reformat one of the drives, mess with the locking, etc. etc. I'm really, utterly lost here. It was working, and now it isn't, and I don't have the faintest idea why. The very last thing I did before the problems began was formatting and FTPing to the 120GB. Even having -no- HD plugged in brings up an error screen. Obviously it had to be working before, since the non-formatted HD would have generated a Dashboard error, but it didn't.

So... any ideas? I am really, truly hoping there's one little niggling detail that I missed somewhere, and a single flip of a setting will fix it. I honestly cannot explain why the X3 Config Live isn't coming up ahead of the MLSoD (and yes it is set to Auto-Run, and even with that on I've been holding down White to get it to come up, to no avail) . Any help at all would be greatly, extremely appreciated.

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Posted 18 September 2005 - 07:42 PM

Update: I just - and I mean, 190 seconds ago - took a brand new, verified compatible 80GB Western Digital out of its static-proof, shrink-wrapped packaging, plugged it in, turned the XBox on, and X3 came up just fine for it. I'm guessing X3 checks the HD before it loads and if there's something wrong with the files on the HD it halts, but it's still fairly nonsensical to me. Maybe someone can explain the exact X3 loading process, and how you would go about using X3 to reformat a 'corrupted' drive?

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