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College Football

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Posted 25 September 2005 - 10:26 AM

Alright, many things were not real good this week so far...
-Oregon could not hold on to a lead and upset the #1 ranked team in the country. But with 198 passing yards and only 66 rushing yards...how do you beat anyone?
-Michigan who? Gaining 399 yards and giving up 286 wasnt enough here.
-Ga. Tech got obliterated by Va. Tech...Va. Tech/Vick that good? Or Ga. Tech that bad? Reggie Ball only had 126 total offensive yards, -11 on the ground?? Ga. Tech has to utilize their key players to win ball games.
-Texas Tech didnt back up their QB and score a Benjamin on Indiana St. Sad. Trying something new, they only threw for 292 total yards (compared to about a 450 yard ave.), and a whopping 246 total rushing yards!
-Army could not keep a 7 point 4th quarter lead and upset Iowa St. Why?
-Minnesota upset Purdue. Purdue just couldnt stop the run. Of the 572 yards, 301 were on the ground.
-Iowa just couldnt touch Ohio St. and their powerful LB's. Tate had only 152 yards and 4 sacks. Limiting Iowa to 139 total, yes total, offensive yards.
-Louisville Cardinals, a serious contender for a BCS Bowl game, gained a ton of laughs with their absolute destruction against SOUTH FLORIDA??? Is that right???
-What happened to NC States strong D-Line? I guess you do need more of a Defense. But giving up 181 rushing yards with easily a top 3 D-Line isnt good.
-Oregon St. lost the yardage game, and forgot how to win. 46 carries for 145 yards between 4 people wont win in my book. Gaining 526 total, and giving up 480 should egual a W...not today.

Now, for every wrong, their must be a right...
-USC proved why they are the #1 team and overcame a 13 point halftime deficit to win. And of the 595 total yards, Leinart and Bush had 438 of them.
-Cal slaughtered somebody...yeah we'll leave it at that. Putting up 595 total yards is pretty impressive too.
-Ohio St. creamed a legitimate sleeper. Producing 504 total yard of offense-318 by Troy Smith alone. Definate turn around since their loss to Texas at home.
-Notre Dame keeps showing that they are a legitimate sleeper, even after being beat by Michigan St.
-Wisconsin made Michigan look...ummm... jester.gif
-S. Florida shows that even a top ten team lets their Cheerleaders play one game a year. (Louisville)
-Marcus Vick showed why they should be a serious contendor for NT this year and him a Heisman candidate...13-18 for 222 yards, not too bad, but not good enough to win a trophy yet.
-Indiana St. called TT's bluff...or TT really played scrimmage-ball.
-Iowa St. woke up and notched a comeback win scoring 14 points in the 4th and holding on for the last 6 minutes.
-Minnesota proved they are for real with their rushing game...217 yards on 40+ carries just for Maroney, Nice. 301 total rushing yards for the Gophers.

#2 Shoue


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Posted 25 September 2005 - 05:30 PM

clemson lost again in overtime.. sad.gif good game though, great defenses

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Posted 27 September 2005 - 08:14 AM

To continue my column...
What the Fu** happened to LSU??? They had a 21 point halftime lead and only scored 6 points in the second half while giving up 27????????? blink.gif blink.gif

My breakdown:
LSU had the game in the bag. 21 points and 210 yards in the first half. They held Tennessee to no points and only 84 first half yards. After halftime Tennessee blew up the third quarter with 157 yards and held LSU to only 50. The fourth was worse yet for LSU who gained only 8 total yards on 4 drives. Tennessee finished with 54 and then the 25 in OT topping them off with 320 total yards on the day. LSU died completely at the half, ending their day with 280 total yards.
If you put it on paper with special team yardage, this was pretty even. Tennessee had 85, LSU 136. Grand totals UT 404...LSU 401. A very good game it was, but in the end I believe LSU got over-confident or too cocky in the locker room. Just couldnt put UT down in the end.



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Posted 28 September 2005 - 11:07 PM

Man people in the states are crazy about collage football. I mean it's good but I don't fallow it like the Pro leagues. I also don't watch the CFL boring stuff wtf is with 3 downs

#5 deliverymanxas


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Posted 29 September 2005 - 07:45 AM

3??! What the hell can you do on 3 downs? Other than throw the first three? smile.gif
I follow pro as well, but not as serious as college. What the hell happened to KC at Denver? That was a sure win in my books...but goes to show Mile High is a tough place to play. Can Pitt rebound after a tough loss to NE? And can my Packers dig themselves out of the 0-3 hole they dug themselves into? XBL_SUCKS...maybe you got some input on some things...have fun! beerchug.gif

I might even be able to put in a NFL column... biggrin.gif

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