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Getting Ready To Upgrade

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Posted 28 September 2005 - 11:06 AM

ok im getting a spider chip in next few days..i didnt realize how crappy they are till after i ordered it..anyways im also getting a 25ogig hard drive in next day or so.ok so i was talking to a guy today that has a modded box and he mentioned id have to do some work with the ini files after i load the dash onto my puter.now his box was modded a cpl years ago.is slayers auto installer gonna instal everything to where i wont have to mess with the ini files? if not how do i edit them? also ive been ready posts about over heating issues..is there a dash on slayers that will adjust fan speed and tell me temps? i want this to go as smooth as possible and if i gotta solder the damn chip i will but now im worried i gotta figure out how to edit ini files off the xbox..i can edit the ini files on puter but since im new to modding im wondering if ive gotten myself in over my7 head so any advice or links yall can give me would be greatly appreciated..oh ive got a 1.4 version xbox and ill be using the x24891 or whatever that bios is thats 256k.sorry for beeing so long winded.please help

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Posted 28 September 2005 - 01:35 PM

if you're using an autoinstaller, the only edits to any dashboard's ini file is to its network settings. the standard ini file that gets installed will have full functionality (although you may still want to tweak it a bit to make your menus look the way you want)

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Posted 28 September 2005 - 01:43 PM


Let me tackle this a bit.

1) Slayers 2.6 will install everything in a way that you won't have to edit the evox.ini file, provided you don't mind the way it's set up (like with emulators in the Apps folder rather than a separated Emulator folder).

2) If you want to edit them, you can edit them via FTP by networking your PC and Xbox and edit the files on the fly in your FTP app, or copy them to PC and edit them their with Notepad, Wordpad, etc.

3) Heating issues are often overblown (pardon the pun), but Slayers installs Avalaunch as an app (it is also used as a dash very commonly) which can read the temps but not change them.

UnleashX and XBMC have the ability to change fan speed, both in different ways. UnleashX can preserve that speed change even when launching games/other apps.

You can also edit your BIOS to change the default fanspeed from the default 20% to something higher.

4) You've chosen an excellent BIOS. You can use XBTool to edit it to your liking if you so choose.

5) Did I mention to use paragraph breaks? You'll get more help.

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