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Failed Mod Attempt, What Next.

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Posted 08 October 2005 - 03:16 PM

Well decided to mod my sons xbox which is I think is version 1.0 because it has a fan on
the heatsink. Spent about 4 hours trying to open the LPC holes. I think I damaged this area and the D0. Found out later Radio Shack sells a little drill that
does a good job openning up the holes. I can see why a dad would take a drill bit
to the wholes, very hard to wick out the solder out of the wholes. I would like
to buy a new mother board with the header already installed. I found one place
but they seem to be out of stock. Any one know a good place to buy one
besides ebay? Also is there limits on what kind of xbox version mother board
that I can replace it with? It seems from my readings that there where some
changes in the power supply.



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Posted 08 October 2005 - 06:35 PM

Try the BST (Buy, Sell & Trade) forum down below, make sure you get the mobo with a hard drive locked to it.

#3 ydgmms


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Posted 08 October 2005 - 08:02 PM

yeah. You're limited to a 1.0 or 1.1 motherboard, unless you wanna change out the power supply too.

Ebay is usually the best place for a new 1.0/1 mobo, but most don't have pinheaders installed.

Have you tried the xbox since you tried? Does it still work as a regular xbox?
You can also look into TSOP modding it, before throwing it away and getting a new one.
Thats whats so great about the 1.0/1.1s. Theres a ton of ways to mod it.

I say, if you haven't already, put it back together and test it as a regular xbox for a while. If it doesn't work, then its prolly dead. But if it does, I'd try tsop modding befoer shelling out another 60bucks. Scan the TSOP modding forum for guides and pictures.

About the gettin the matching harddrive. IF you're gonna mod it, I'd go all out and get a large harddrive (120 or more GB). And you won't need the matching harddrive, since you can match the new large harddrive to it.

Becareful though when modding everything. Read omre of the tutorials and guides before attemping it again. I'll agree sometimes taking th solder out of the holes is hard on some mobos, others it just comes right out. I have messed up a couple of boards before, but was able to just solder some wire to the proper points to get it up and running. But yeah... just take your time. Don't let the soldering iron sit there for too long. Give each hole about 2 seconds with the wick+iron. Then try another one, if it doesn't all come out thats ok, you can go back and try soem more. If some solder is stubborn, I find adding some solder to it helps. Just take ur time, if you feel it may be getting damaged or you get frustrated, then stop turn everything off and go watch tv for a while. Come back set it up and test it.

My first board took me about 2 hours, because I was so nervous and was testing everything. Now it takes me 5-10minutes from taking apart the xbox, to putting it back together.

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