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Xbox 1.6 With X-chip Frags After Flashing

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Posted 17 October 2005 - 09:07 AM

So I get my x-chip all installed on my 1.6, and I flash it with the evox M8 and everything's workin fine. Then I want to install the X2 5035 but when I do, the xbox doesnt like it for some reason. It will frag but in a way thats just tellin me bad bios or something. However, I can always boot the bank with the M8.

So i take it back and forth from my computer, trying to flash this thing so that the xecutor bios will work, and all of the sudden it starts fraggin like it does when the chip is installed wrong (green, off, green off, green-red flashing). Now this happens no matter what, on all bioses, and I've tried reloading the original raw bios file given, and reflashing evox... nothin works.

Then I thought, though its quite unlikely, that it was a solder issue or something (maybe some got loose and shorted something) so I open it up and put it under the nice white light. All perfect. Just to make sure, I desolder the +5 volt wire and everything works fine. Resolder it, fraggin again.

It's gotta have something to do with the chip, right? What could it be though? Has anyone else experienced this. Thanks in advance for the help!!!

- Warren

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