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Sxb And Poor Linux Kernels Etc ?

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Posted 29 October 2005 - 04:23 PM


xbox and pc here click in screeshot menu http://sourceforge.net/projects/sxb.

Hum,doing own distro takes time i found out so i have had it running

in xdesktop firefox etc.I still have to sort out my sfs pkg manager yet

at the moment i am testing different ways of init start up rc files.

i am in 2 minds here i tested 1 init style like slackware and bsd type

and i also tested init.d style like debian etc.To be different and original.

i am trying to make just 1 rc file to take care of all init rc scripts.

so i am not sure which way is best yet.in bootsplash pic i have

used poor linux boot up scripts from both above,but i think

i will have problems this way when i build poor linux in sxb style

i could upload it now for you guys to test,but i think i will take time

and sort a few things out first ok,but poor linux runs ok as is

for now.

Hi,i know i uploaded kernel 2.6 before few moths back for sxb.

but old now.

Does any one need a new kernel for sxb new,Hum i still

not sure if fatx is ok with it but if anyone has extrated all sxb new modules

and installed sxb new on native could use new kernel 26 or used

sxbloop script to extract sxbnew to /dev/hda2 instead of loop file could

also try.So let me know as i have done new kernels 2.6 for Poor linux

pc and xbox.So while i have time now i thought if people need kernel 2.6

for new sxb i will do them all now aswell.

Note if kernel 2.6 for sxb new works ok with fatx then next sxb new release

will be all kernel 26 and i will have to build sxb slightly different method

then sxb build for 2.4 .No sxb will still be exactly same its just different

for me to build it onother way thats all.I build sxb kernel2.6 before 6 months

back so i just use the old scripts i used before and upgrade scripts inside thats all.

So again if we need sxbnew with kernel 2.6 then it be exactly the same ok.

just the kernel new and the way i build it slightly different,

so let me know you guys want anything added to our 2 projects

side by side ok.

Hoo,keck we might have our own distro if i have time and all my

plans come together with time and some luck ok.


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