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Repairing a PSU After a Lightning Strike

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Posted 02 September 2007 - 11:16 PM


last week i had a lightning strike "enter" the house via my living room xbox.

The strike passed through the chassis of the xbox, and onto my ethernet network.

not only did i lose 5 tv's, 2 computers, tons of other shit, and 4 xboxes, but anything connected to a CAT5 cable got the ethernet adapter fried. a reminder for you all that surge protection and UPS (both of which i have on most previously mentioned equipment) are precautions, not failsafe.

well, here's my question.

i'd like to use the pile of random working xbox parts i have left over from the 4 that blew.

i can squeeze a couple more xboxes out of the pile if i can convert the power supplies to work with a previously incompatable version of motherboard.

if anyone has a solid source for output specs on these power supply's, id like to get in touch with you.

i'd use my multimeter, but i don't know how to figure out the voltages on the blown PSU's.

thanks guys.

any help would be much appreciated.

also, quit arguing about stupid sht on informational forums....f'k'n noobs.

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Posted 24 July 2008 - 09:42 AM

does this apply for over voltages my psu is rated 100-127V but some idiot used 220V on it and something burnt.. PSU model..DPSN-96BP..thanks..

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Posted 04 August 2008 - 03:00 AM

Just wanted to let you guys know, I had the same problem, and I took the easy way out and ordered another one, and it works great.. It's compatible with all versions, incl 1.6, and comes with the converter.

There are a few different ones on ebay right now, check out the item numbers

All pretty close prices, different locations though, so pick one close to ya. If you do get one, the extra mobo power cable that's attached kinda gets in the way when you put the hdd back on, but you can move it out of the way when you mess with it a little bit.

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Posted 09 May 2009 - 08:29 AM

QUOTE(djmart6914 @ Dec 5 2005, 07:16 AM) View Post

Insted of doing all of that, why not purchase a good quality UPS or Surge Protector?

It doesn't stop them all. Plus you gotta protect EVERYTHING. My high school put out yearbooks 2 years late cuz right before print we had a lightning issue.
In thru the phoneline (which they didn't need connected cuz they had cable i-net) then across the router and into a laptop that had no wireless but was not even plugged into wall at the time. huh.gif

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