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Kotor Ii Gamesave Help...

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Posted 12 November 2005 - 11:32 PM

I downloaded an incredible gamesave by Dak Vessar from codejunkies.com, and FTPed it to my Xbox. I am already plagued with the Black Screen problem, and modifying the .ini file didn't improve it. I used some info gained from Xbox-Saves.com, and finally made my way off of that rock, and to Citadel Station. It is there, that I went to the secret Atris Training place. I finished up there and boarded the Ebon Hawk, only to see that the EH wouldn't load all the way. Thus, there are parts of the EH, like the cabins in each wing where you can look out and see into the EH cockpit. I don't really know what happened on that part of the level, but I can talk to people, and see Kreia get her ass kicked. But it seems that the galaxy map is not usable, and there is no known way for me to get off the planet.

I am also having a problem with downloading other gamesaves. I can still play the original saves that I made myself in the beginning, and I can play Dak Vessar's save, but for some reason, every other save that I FTP to the 4c400014 file do not show up in the load games part of KotOR. Am I supposed to create this "override" folder?

Any help on these problems would be really helpful.

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Posted 13 November 2005 - 04:31 AM

I got a similar problem on the secret academy with a black screen and i loaded from an earlier save in a diffrent slot and it was fine after that ... as for the game saves , mine does this too if you have the xbox game save manager you can take all of your game saves off the xbox and onto your pc then ftp the hacked/downloaded ones you want , there is also a number for each slot on the game saves and you cannot have 2 saves in the same slot ( for obvious reasons) so this may also be your problem.

hope this helps

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Posted 17 November 2005 - 11:12 PM

well i for one sadly having lost my ability to ftp and even when i had ftp always jsut downloaded them with action replay and then copied them through the ms dash like a normal xbox try instead of ftp ing jsut a thought.

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