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Screwed It All Up

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Posted 14 November 2005 - 07:52 AM

So...here's my story...let's see who wants to tackle this.

I have X-Box 1.0 and the X-Chip with the 1.6 adapter. I tried about 100 times to get it to work with the adapter (only using the black part) but it always FRAGS. I would have kept trying but i stripped the place where the screw holds the adapter into the case.

So...i bought a pin-header and some wire and a soldering iron and decided to do it the old fashioned way. I don't know if i melted a crucial part of the motherboard, if i have done this all wrong, or if my equipment just does not work...but it still FRAGS.

The wierd part is...when i take the chip off and leave just the pin header in there....it still frags. So...no it does not work at all. My plan was to just take all my stuff out and sell it and then buy a pre-modded one...but now it's totally screwed up.

So...can you help me remove the pin-header...or does anyone have just the pre-modded 1.0 motherboard for sale. That would be great....

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