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Posted 14 November 2005 - 08:15 PM

Feel free to reply:

My friend's Xbox is FRAGing. It sounds like a hard drive issue. I can't even get a game to load. I even swapped the DVD drive just in case the HDD wasn't damaged thinking some critical files were corrupt. After I powered down the Xbox and turned it on its side to prepare to break inside it, I heard the platters rubbing on one another as they spun to a stop. The noise was not emitted when positioned horizontally. This tells me physical damage has occurred.

I opened it up and read the Xbox version guide which lead me to believe I have a version 1.6b. According to the xbox-scene modchip guide my chameleon 1.0 will not work even if I get the v1.6 solderless adapter from EB2K. Be that as it may, I wrote the following to customer service.


I have a chameleon modchip purchased from EB2k back in 2003. Itís either a version 1.0 or 1.1 (the led is blue if that helps, I think red was 1.1 and blue was 1.0). I am working on an Xbox that is FRAGing. The hard drive is damaged and thus I have no means to backup the eeprom using a save game exploit. Does your 1.6 solderless adapter work with all chameleon versions? If so, will my chameleon (using bios X2 4981) work in an Xbox version 1.6b? I tried the help-forums but the site seems to be down at this time. Though this information may not be at your disposal, it may help me determine the items I will need to purchase.

As I said, this is just some notes for me and others that may be in a similar situation. The save game exploit isn't an option since the HDD is inaccessible, booting the HDD in a PC is not an option since it's locked, and hotswapping may not work either if there is in fact physical damage.

I wont give up that easily though. I donít think there is any other way to get the eeprom backed up in order to prepare a replacement hard drive.

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Posted 17 November 2005 - 02:40 AM

I seem to remember a simmilar problem from a couple of years ago, and if I remember correctly there is a tool for the pc to unlock a HDD. Can't remember much else but I'm sure there is something in this forum. I will take a look and if anything comes up will post back here. Good luck with that drive.

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