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In-depth Run Through Of Entire Install Process

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#1 IrIdIum


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Posted 17 April 2003 - 08:43 AM

Tomorrow is THE day. I will be taking the plunge and modding my 1st console, the Xbox.
This post is really to get feedback from those of you experienced in this area to make sure I'm going

about things In the correct way, and without having missed out any steps.

I'd also like to mention I have NO prior electronics experience, never soldered, nothing, so its a leap of


Now for the fun stuff:


1/. Install Xecuter 2 Lite Modchip

2/. Add enable/disable mod switch for use with Live!

3/. Install latest version of EvoX

4/. Replace stock HD with 120Gb Matrox

5/. Install XBMP

First of all, is this correct order to go about things ?


1 x X2 Lite modchip
1 x CDROM audio cable
1 x ultra mini DPDT switch
1 x 15W Soldering iron
1 x reel of 1mm lead-free solder
1 x 0.5mm tip for soldering iron
1 x T10 driver
1 x T20 driver
1 x 120Gb Maxtor HDD


1 - Install Xecuter 2 Lite Modchip & 2/. Add enable/disable mod switch for use with Live!

I havent yet opened up my box to see what version I have. However, from the manufacturing date of

15-10-02 I'm assuming that it is a v1.1 model. This was a major relief when I received the

box earlier this week after reading about the confusion surrounding v1.2 boxes.

Using the tutorials here this install doesnt look too daunting. The d0 has been a cause of some

concern since beginning reading up on modchip installation. Watching baldbouncers installation

video did put my mind at rest somewhat as, even though he has clearly performed many installs, the actual

process looks fairly straightforward. Having said that, heres my take on how this process should work.

Please point me in the right direction if something looks wrong or needs to be altered in some way.

1/. Prepare the Xbox mobo for X2 installation.

2/. Once ready, tin all of the X2's wires.

3/. Attach X2 to side of the case and start soldering wires.

4/. Once all soldered, ground screwed on, cables re-connected, DVD + HD replaced check everything looks ok

and try to boot up the Xbox.

Now for the switch:

Reading the forums I'd read that a handy approach to installing a mod enable/disable switch would be to

use a DPDT switch with a cd-rom cable to connect it to the modchip.

1/. Remove the jumper connector from one end of the cdrom cable and expose some wire.

2/. Solder the 2 wires to the DPDT switch

3/. Place the switch in a suitable location inside the Xbox casing, leaving the switch to protrude through

some ventilation slats at one side.

4/. Using the other end of the cable connect it to the enable/disable jumper on the X2 Lite.

- Anything else involved with fitting a switch ? I've seen mention of evox.ini ?

A cut-down straight forward approach, but does that look OK ? Have I missed any vital steps ?

All going well, Xbox boots, XECUTER2 replaces MS under X logo, so far so good ?

3/. Install latest version of EvoX

For this I'll be using the following tutorial as reference -


1/. Download latest version of EvoX from usual places.

2/. Edit evox.ini with my network settings

3/. Connect Xbox to network (via router)

4/. Burn to CDRW and boot it.

5/. Finish above tutorial.

The one thing I'm not sure on from here on out is the X2 bios.

The Xecuter 2 Lite comes pre-flashed doesnt it ? Is it OK to leave the chip with its default bios, or will

it NEED to be changed ? (Bearing in mind I'll also be switching a HD later on).

4/. Replace stock HD with 120Gb Matrox

If all has gone to plan so far, I now have a modded Xbox, with an X2 Lite, On/Off toggle, and the latest

version of EvoX.

How is it best to go about installing a new HD ?

- NewHDEvoX 1.4 ?
- http://www.xbox-scen...dd-install2.php

NewHDEvoX 1.4 looks to be straightforward enough, but is this the best version/tool to use considering the

latest version of EvoX is already installed ?

5/. Install XBMP

Setup using Manual as a guide


Of all the above points, step 4 is the one I'm most concerned about. Replacing the HD seems to have a

number of tutorials flying around, but which method is going to be best for ME installing a 120Gb drive ?

What about flashing the X2 bios. Is that even necessary ?


If ANYONE (n00b or pro) can offer any advice on the plan I've laid out above it would be much appreciated.

As I've stated, all of this is a 1st for me so if everything is laid out and planned before beginning

hopefully everything should go smoothly without a hitch.

Thanks in advance

#2 HBK757


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Posted 17 April 2003 - 09:12 AM

I shall be doing exactly this too, I also have purchased the X2-Lite modchip.

Just to be clear, we should flash to the latest BIOS right guys? I'm sure I've read stuff about backed up games not working with the stock BIOS unless you patch them. Apparently this is fixed in the newest BIOS and removes the need to patch backed up games?

Am I wrong?


#3 queasy


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Posted 17 April 2003 - 10:37 AM

I have played around with many bios and have found "Xecuter2_4976.02_MultiVer_1MB.bin" to be the best for me. it allows you to play all the new games and seems to work great for me. I am no expert though. I did install "4976.02_Blue_Noani.bin: and it booted with no animation as expected and then froze. would not allow me to boot from my dvd rom and screwed me. I had to do the hotswap of mod chips to recover from it. Thank god I have two X2lites. just giving my two cents.....

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Posted 17 April 2003 - 10:38 AM

go about buying a T15 screwdriver for the hdd swap smile.gif good luck

#5 HBK757


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Posted 17 April 2003 - 11:19 AM


Edited by HBK757, 17 April 2003 - 11:49 AM.

#6 IrIdIum


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Posted 17 April 2003 - 10:05 PM


#7 runciter


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Posted 21 April 2003 - 10:36 PM

So how did it go for you? If you haven't gotten to the HD swap, use Config Magic to lock the HD (assuming it is lockable).

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