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FAQ: Xbox 360 Hardware and Topics of Note

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Posted 21 November 2005 - 04:17 PM

--==Key Topics==--

Error Codes:

Mobo Pictures:
Xbox 360 Motherboard Pictures from xavbox.com

Xbox 360 Wired Controller Pictures (inside and out).

XBOX 360 Board And Component Designations, Bottom Only, Xenon

Pre-Launch Info:
Xbox 360 Console and Accessory Priceing

Xbox 360 Fact Sheet (Specs from MS)

Xbox 360 Accessories Exposed (All you need to know)


Do Xbox 1 Controllers work on an Xbox 360?
NO, Even with a USB dongle adapter, Xbox 1 controllers do not work on an Xbox 360.

Do Xbox360 Controllers work on An Xbox 1?
NO, Even with an Xbox USB adapter, Xbox 360 controllers do not work on an Xbox 1.

Do Wired Xbox360 controllers work on a PC/What's the difference between the PC and Xbox360 versions?
There is no difference between the PC and Xbox360 versions of the wired controlllers. The packaging is different and the PC package includes a Driver disc (which isn't needed since the drives are free to download from MS's website).

Do Wireless Xbox360 controllers work on a PC with the Play and Charge Kit?
NO, The Drivers that work with the Wired version of the Xbox360 controller don't recognize the Wireless controller when using a play and charge kit to plug it in, the PnC kit is only for charging the controller and does not send data over the cable like a Wired controller does. If you wish to use the Wireless 360 controller on the PC, MicroSoft has made a Wireless Gaming Receiver for that.

Are the Break away cables for the Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 Interchangeable?
NO, They have a different shape to the connector.

How do I turn off the Xbox 360 Wireless controller?
There are 3 ways:
1. Let it sit inactive and it will automatically shut off.
2. Hold down the guide button and a selection on the screen will provide an option to turn off the controller/Console.
3. Remove the Battery(s).

My Controller's LEDs are blinking in a circular pattern, what does that mean?
The Leds will blink in a quick circular pattern when it's syncing up with your console, if the controller is already synced up and the LEDs are blinking in a slower 1-4 then 2-3 pattern, it means the batteries are low.

How do I check the battery level of my controller?
You can check the level of your controller's batteries by pushing the guide button. A battery icon similar to that found on cell phones can be seen at the top of the screen.

Do USB keyboards work?
YES, But only for text input, such as setting up your character, re-naming media, and chatting. It CANNOT be used as a controller in any game released so far, with the exception of Final Fantasy XI.

Do USB Mice work?
NO, Currently there are no USB mice that will work with the Xbox 360

Can I use the Xbox DVD remote on the Xbox360?
NO, the Xbox DVD remote cannot be used on the Xbox360, however the Xbox Media Center Extender remote (this option must be turned on in the Xbox 360 dashboard).

Can I use the Xbox 360 Media remote on the Xbox 1?
The Media remote that comes packaged with the Xbox 360 premium edition cannot be used to control the Xbox 1, It is still unknown whether or not the Xbox 360 Universal remote can be programed to control the Xbox 1 (please me know if you can test this).

Can I use 3rd party Wireless network adapters?
You cannot use 3rd party USB based wireless adapters. ONLY the official MS wireless USB adapter will work.
You can however, use just about any Ethernet based wireless adapter.

Can I use a USB stick or other Mass Storage Device in place of a Memory Unit or Hard Drive?
Yes, as of the April 2010 dash update USB flash drives between 1gb and 16gb in size can now be used to store your game saves, profile and such on. If your 360 is not up to date then this feature will not work and you can not use a USB flash drive for storing game saves, only music and photos.

Can I turn off the Xbox 360 without getting up?
YES, simply hold down the guide button on the Xbox 360 controller and an option will appear, allowing you to turn off the Xbox 360 from the controller.

How can I tell what kind of DVD Drive I have?
The easiest way to check is by looking at the tray when the drive is ejected. This does not require the console to be opnened.
Here is a comparison shot from Llama.com
You can also tell what drive you have if you open the console. The brand will be on a sticker on the top of the drive.

Is there Intrusion detection on the Xbox 360 console?
NO, many people have opened it up without killing the console. You do however void your warranty upon opening the console up. There are many security stickers that must be broken to open the console ensuring that MS knows you voided your warranty when you open it.

How do I open the Xbox 360?

How many Watts is the PSU?
There are 203W, 175W and 150W versions depending on the 360 you have. The older higher rated PSU versions are backwards compatible with the newer smaller ones. The new 360 Slim console uses a 135W PSU, and it also uses a different connector from the previous versions, so the older version PSUs can not be used directly on the Slim, though with an adapter they can be made to.

Can I use the Xbox 360 Hard Drive in a PC?
In a Windows PC, no. However there is now initial support for the Xbox 360 hard disk file-system (XTAF) in CVS. (This is a patch for the 2.4.32 Linux kernel.)

Can I use a PC hard drive in the Xbox 360?
NO, the Xbox 360 does not recognize the PC Hard Drive. (I'm sure this will change once it's modded but until then you're out of luck).

What's that rattling sound inside?
It is a ball bearing switch which determines which way the 360 is positioned (Vertical/Horizontal) and rattles when it is moved. Location of the switch is circled in red.IPB Image

What kinds of discs can the Xbox 360 Read?
The Xbox 360 can read Xbox 360 Discs, Xbox 1 Discs, DVDs, CDs, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-RW, DualDiscs and probably some other formats as well.

Can I use my Xbox 1 to back up Xbox 360 discs?
NO, they're in completely different formats. The Xbox 1 sees Xbox 360 discs as a DVD movie. The DVD movie it sees is a single frame saying that the disc must be played in an Xbox 360 console.

--==ERROR Codes==--
The Error Codes have been broken off into their own thread located here:

All of the Above info was extracted from this very forum... If you need a source search around, I'm sure you'll find several. beerchug.gif

If you create a new topic with a question that is already answered in this FAQ, expect your topic to be closed.

This is just the Start to this FAQ.. Please post below or PM me with any additional info/links that you feel should be included/corrected with this FAQ. beerchug.gif

Contributions by:
C o s m o

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Posted 24 November 2005 - 06:20 AM

Q: What’s that rattling sound inside?

A: It is a ball bearing switch which determines which way the 360 is positioned (Vertical/Horizontal) and rattles when it is moved. Location of the switch is circled in red.

user posted image

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Posted 05 January 2006 - 02:22 AM

Error #69, also a dead hard drive. My hard drive gradually died while playing NBA 2K6 (started lagging up and had problems saving) so I rebooted and it gave me an error #69. The console plays fine with the hard drive disconnected. This is NOT error #67, but it is very similar. It might be that my drive is corrupt too.

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Posted 05 January 2006 - 06:47 AM

i made a tut for opening the 360, and this one is accurate and easy to follow, unlike the anandtech version that recommends the wrong torx drivers (T12 doesnt even exist... and you dont need a T6 or T7 either) and is hard to figure out exactly what to do from their pics and descriptions.

Opening the Xbox360

thanks! aweirdguy

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Posted 17 January 2006 - 10:04 PM

UPDATE: Error #69 verified to be dead hard drive, I just received a new drive from MS and it works fine.

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 06:03 AM

I Figure I'll add my two cents in here....

Games DO NOT break your dvd drive or your console.


#7 dreamkiller3


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Posted 17 September 2006 - 11:03 PM

sorry im a noob............ where is the files that come on the xbox 360 stored?

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Posted 18 November 2006 - 03:21 AM

I think i'll add my opinion too.
We woulda been better off if M$ wasnt thinking of how many $$$ they'll save
by not going with a chinese manufacturer rather than a taiwanese one.
They shoulda made the one of the more experienced Taiwanese motherboard
manufacturers have a crack at it before moving the production to china.

#9 Mycool K Sowole

Mycool K Sowole

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Posted 12 March 2008 - 06:50 PM

i just wanna say that i've seen some1 use a belkin wireless usb adapter that worked, i dunno anything about it tho i just saw him using it...

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Posted 22 March 2008 - 08:19 AM

hey ppl i have a werd problem here my 360 wont play my games for sum reason an i don rlly knw y it will go on an then it jus goes 2 the display screen an then it wont play tha game it jus sits there even wen i try 2 open the dsc tray up over an over agin it still wont wrk an its not tha games cuz i have madden 08 wich i jus bought not even 2 days ago it still wont play it n e one knw wat might be the problem??

#11 chana100red


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Posted 22 March 2008 - 06:33 PM

hi there,
I recently bought an Xbox arcade from asda as a cheap deal for my son. It turns out that you only get 256mb of memory. Is there any way of putting a hard drive in the unit or can I buy something to get a 20gb or so for this unit. I cannot return the item as it has passed the 28 day return/refund policy.
I am stuck and does anyone have any idea?.

#12 louise2001


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Posted 23 March 2008 - 12:46 AM

hi i am new to the forum.

i am needing advice on my xbox 360, i was playing on a game the other day and the game froze and a single red light came on in the top left hand side of the circle, it wasnt flashing, so i turned it off and tried rebooting, the game came back one and so did the light, didnt get no error code, what does it mean and what can i do about it.

many thanks

louise biggrin.gif

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Posted 15 August 2008 - 12:47 AM

Hi im new to this website and dont really know if i should ask this question here but.

is the a lead i can get so i can plug a sata hard drive into my 360 ?

i have started to mod my xbox 360 faceplates an have been dissapointed on the finish of the faceplates and it turns out i have been using the wrong type of lacker,

can anybody help me ?

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Posted 29 March 2009 - 01:37 AM

Is there a guide for what power supplies work for which models? Right now I have two different ones. The original one I've had was for a RRoD 360. The replacement box that came doesn't match up with the psu, but it works. The one I just bought, which is made by microsoft, doesn't have a ground shield at the end of the psu. Yet the power ratings on the back match my original xbox perfectly. Both psu ends have "blockers" in the tips so you can't plug them into certain 360s. One psu has a single line in the center, the other has two lines splitting it into thirds. My 360 doesn't have a line to block any psu. Does that mean every single one will work??

Some one should make an easy to read graph so we can tell which psu units work on which 360s. If it's made I think it should definitely be linked in this thread.

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 02:02 PM

I finally got around to making this image. Hopefully it'll help out some people.

IPB Image

I found the image of the motherboard side here on X-S. I modified it a little to better match my power supply side. Thank you to who ever made it.
The 203w psu has a metal shielding around the outside of it. It's also made out of a darker plastic then the two newer versions.

Obviously both the 360 and PSU should say what watt/amperage is needed/supplied. I have however come across bad ebay 360s that have had the cases swapped. Which is mainly why I made this guide.

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