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360 Won't Connect To Wmc 2005 Please Help

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#1 toratora


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Posted 23 November 2005 - 03:52 PM

I wasted a bunch of time trying to get this to work, and figured this group could give me some much needed help.

I have WMC 2005 with rollup 2 installed. I ran the extender update on it and it shows that it detects the Xbox. I entered the code, and it syncs. I ran media connection, and it show the xbox as an extender, I refreshed the firewall.

When I try to connect the xbox 360, and detects the pc and tries to connect. It times out after 2 min and tries again. Eventually, I get an error on the xbox that another application canceled the session.

So now I am thinking that it might be my firewall. I dissable Norton internet security for a few min and try again- same hang. I made sure windows firewall was also disabled...

Next I ran the connection test on the PC- said connection was good. Good enough for HD streaming in fact....

Next I ran the network test on the xbox. Everything went fine- except that for the NAT it said moderate. Now I am over my head- no real idea what NAT is. I went into my Belkin router settings, and see NAT turned on. I experimented with turning this off- lost ip's and all hell breaks loose on network. I reset the Belkin router to the default settings.

To problem solve, I uninstalled Nortons Internet security 2005 and made sure the Windows firewall was also off- same hang, no dice.

I was able to connect with my origional xbox with the extender software, so not sure what is wrong. I can download and connect to xbox live on the 360 fine- just no media center, which is a main reason for my purchase- to stream HD from PC to tv.

I have searched the MS groups, and your typical google search. I have also searched the Belkin help boards, but I am guessing no new help will show up this week, as the xbox360 is so new.

Any help?

Are there any specific ports that need to be open? At one point I did find a help doc that poped up on the PC, listing specific ports that needed to be open- but I could not find these again- anyone have a link?

Any Belkin router users have connected- and help guides?

Sorry for so many questions. I am just hoping for a easy solution that I am just missing. Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this, and a bigger thank you for any help.

#2 boombashi


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Posted 30 November 2005 - 03:23 AM

I'm having issues as well with the belkin Wireless implementation with the XBOX 360. I hooked my XBOX 360 directly to the wired nic on the PC and it worked great. It definitely appears to be an issue with the Belkin Hardware. I have the Belkin Pre-N Router and Pre-N Card in My Media Center BTW. I can connect and stream music just fine, but when I try to watch TV my Computer Completely Freezes...A Complete lockup, no mouse no keyboard no nothing...It might work with turning something on and off, but I'm not sure what...as far as ports to open there are many...

THIS IS THE LINK YOU ARE LOOKING FOR (Sustitute what MS stands for, MS is Morgan Stanley People, why do you truncate it?)


NOTE: YOU ALSO HAVE TO OPEN PORT 5555(TCP) and 7777(UDP) - They don't tell you this, I had to pay $35 to talk to MS Customer Support to figure that one out, I'm asking for a refund based on missing information.

Post if you figure it out

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