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Sxb News And Other Sxb

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Posted 24 November 2005 - 06:31 PM

Hi,guys sorry,for delay of sxb release 2,thats if someone was wating
for it,so be slightly longer ok,so no i have not dissapered again.
Anyway as some of you know i have been working on my own
distro poorlinux as i get time.i still am struggling to script my own
pkg manager,sfs for squashfs system,slowly getting there.

Anyway to build poorlinux sxb style i had to somewhat learn how other
build all automatic,example linuxfromscratch,buildroot,and perlbuilder.
I was doing all this manualy downloading sources finding patches ,etc,etc
was getting tedious.So as poor linux is build using all thoes ideas above,
for example once i learnt the method how they do the scripts to auto make
a complete distro,So i now have done my own script which downloads and
build poorlinux still needs little work,but i at least understand my script
better,got to finish pkg manager yet.So poor linux is a mixture of all above
i talked about..So yes should have poorlinux done in my own way,You could
use it as is now,But as i said i will build again using new script and own

Ok,i was deleting lots of stuff from my hd,hum in last 2 weeks i have
build 4 linuxfromscratch from sources 3 buildroot and perl etc.You see
thanks to these tools not i understand all pkgs better,so it was all good
learning and building from scratch,

Anyway i started deleting these distros i builb to save space,as i only
build these so i can learn how other build as i was doing all manually.
now i know better.

Antway i deleted 3 distro and then i stopped,hum,i thought what
a waste as it took 7 days of compiling and leaving on my computer
on hole night. just to learn.So,ya you guessed it i made one of these
in some what sxb style and hope to upload it soon ok.

What i thought i will call this sxblfs for sxb linuxfromscratch.i have to
just finish it,as some of you know to to in sxb style you have to change
few things to a normal distro example init scripts etc so it can be
converted into sxb proper.I will try and get it close to orignal linuxfromscratch,
this way all devlop files and scripts and original docs will be included.So hopefully
it be possiable to download SXBLFS run it and then build your own kinf of linuxfromscratch all within sxblfs.So some of you guys can learn and build
your own as you like ok.

Hum,i must say i have justed tested it it looks great,not as good as poor linux
as i have not added directfb and xdirectfb and extras as in sxb and poor linux.
Hum,i think i will add it,or just upload as is.

So apart from learning to build from sxblfs,you can run it and see how poor
linux will look and feel like as few ideas in poorlinux are same ok,but poor
linux look cool.

SO,a second or third distro sxb style soon,Tell you what i have and made
other distro in sxb flavor i might add all these time to time.
so we will have 10 distro in sxb flavor ok.For now it be sxblfs soon
then i release sxbnew release 2 then i will bring out onother distro
and so on and on.

so look out,and no i am still around.
have fun bollywood

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