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Posted 28 November 2005 - 01:18 PM

This project is still at its early stages of development. I started it as a little test project, just to try OpenXDK.

Xdashy is quite functional at the moment: it can launch xbes, autoadds items to the menu, etc. Plus its free and legal.

IPB Image
And yes: the guy is actually a 3d lit gouraud-shaded model! Thanks to mini3d (tiny fast 3d software renderer), written by John Tsiombikas (nuclear at siggraph dot org).

The project is by no means complete. There are numerous bugs and missing features (won't run as c:/xboxdash.xbe - you were warned! smile.gif - , no ftp server, crappy navigation just to name a few), but these are going to be fixed soon.

Developers are always wellcome to the project. After all it's free software.

for more info visit the project's homepage.

contact me at (msamurai at freemail dot gr)


// msamurai

A quick notice, just to avoid misunderstandings smile.gif

The skin of the screenshot was made by Nikos Anastopoulos. The skin's name is "RevolutionX" (the "R" is somewhat hidden by the model). That was the artist's decision about the skin he made. Xdashy has nothing to do with EvolutionX (indeed smile.gif).

// msamurai

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