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Videomode Switch With Unmodded Xbox

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Posted 12 December 2005 - 12:00 PM

Hi, first of all my apologies if this has been covered before, I don't really have the time to figure it out.

I softmodded my 1.6 xbox using krayzie's ndure installer, and it worked like a charm for about a month. Then somehow, everytime I booted up my xbox the screen was black/white (NTSC I believe). That happened after opening shallax' gentoox loader I think. But in unleashx dashboard I just got my colours back. Now I loaded up Agent Under Fire (booting the xbox with disc in tray) and it would not work. Now if I took the disc out, let unleashx boot (which does give me colour) and then launch AUF, it did work. My guess is that AUF doesn't support PAL signal. I used enigmah's videomode switchdisc before, and it's on my hdd, but I can't use it cuz I uninstalled the softmod because I wanted the evox dashboard. So I reload the savegame, uninstall the softmod, let the AUF DVD in the tray and reboot. Guess what, AUF won't boot. My original Halo 2 and SSX Tricky do, however.

So my very simple little question is: what's the (best) way to change my signal? I was thinking of either one of these:

- make another enigmah videomode switchdisc, and change it with that. But is this habibi signed? I haven't had time to test it out and I don't have a pc at home so it's gonna be hard burning that. I don't wanna waste time.

- put my HDD in a linux box and uhh well I don't really know. Maybe that way I can replace the dashboard you know? Rather a not preferred option.

- I had already kind of prepared a 80gb seagate, kind of, cuz I don't think I locked it the right way. I have a backup of my eeprom and such, and I have the keys generated from that. But there seem to be three of them: one 32byte on (generated by xboxhdm), one 40byte (also xboxhdm), and another 40byte one, which I saw in the gentoox loader HDD tools menu. This HDD only needs to be locked right for it to work cuz if I plug it in I get error code 6 (when I hadn't locked it, it was error code 5, so I guess the eeprom's generated hdd lock doesn't match my 80gb's one). The seagate 80gb is locked with the code I got from xboxhdm.

- Get Splinter Cell or MechAssault (do they work in NTSC and PAL.

Please tell me which options I have (maybe other than the ones I listed. Sorry for the long post. I hope I get some replies.

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