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Xbox, How Much Longer Do You Think You'll Use The Original Console

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Poll: Xbox, how much longer do you think you'll use the original console? (5499 member(s) have cast votes)

Xbox, how much longer do you think you'll use the original console?

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#181 jesterrace777


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Posted 02 January 2006 - 12:03 AM

The more votes, the better the sample, provided people aren't able to revote (like some of the polls in the past).

#182 quarky42


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Posted 02 January 2006 - 04:54 PM

QUOTE(jesterrace777 @ Jan 1 2006, 05:10 PM) View Post

The more votes, the better the sample, provided people aren't able to revote (like some of the polls in the past).

Right. I understand that. Don't you think the trend has been shown appropriately with over 5300 votes in so far?

This question has been beat to death. Obviously most people will continue to use their xbox for the next year or more. Less than a quarter of the people feel like they are likely to stop using their xbox within the next year.

Seems pretty cut and dry. I was hoping there would be a new poll coming out soon about something else.

How about: Do you use XBMC?
1> Yes, All the time. It is my dashboard.
2> Yes, Sometimes. It is not my dashboard.
3> No. I've tried it and don't like it.
4> No. I'm waiting for more features or stability.
5> Huh? What is XBMC?

#183 Bizquick


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Posted 04 January 2006 - 06:20 AM

I like your answer better than the real poll thats funny. But yeah I think we did beat this poll to death. there is not much of a chance of me ever getting rid of my regual xbox. I mean I just changed out toa XMC case 4 months ago and I just installed new leds last week on the front and a fan in the back. so not much chance there for many of us getting rid of it. besides it makes a really nice inexpensive media center PC with XBMC installed. I mena if I was to not even play games on it anymore today it would still hold more value than any other console I have ever owned just simply because of XBMC and all the emulators and applications. Any I allready posted in the new poll. But great job on coming up with that poll Idea.

#184 metaldevil



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Posted 20 January 2006 - 05:44 PM

I'll use it forever. Although I won't be as dedicated to it as I've been in the past, I'll still pay the old boy a visit every once in a while. I still have nearly all the consoles I've ever owned. Chrono Trigger and Tetris Attack are immortal. Those games will never become boring or "worn out" in my eyes. happy.gif

#185 KeizerSoze


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Posted 28 January 2006 - 01:28 AM

FOREVER!.....or until it dies.

every since i've modded my box and dropped a 300gb hdd in it, i'm truly starting to enjoy what the potential of a modded box has to offer.

the 360 is only better than a modded box in 1 way...it plays 360 games. other than that, a modded box is far more superior right now. the capabilities of the current 360 is so limited and costly that i'm not even interested in whatever media center potential that it has.

even after we hack a 360, i'll still use my original box for a media center.

#186 tennisman


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Posted 14 April 2006 - 03:08 AM

There is no way I will even buy a 360 untill I can mod it!

#187 uraijit


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 10:27 PM

I'll be using my origional xbox until the 360 is moddable and able to run everything my old one can. Because I wont even be buying a 360 until it's able to do that, or at least until it's moddable. Nuff said.

#188 S.E. Nova

S.E. Nova

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Posted 03 May 2006 - 03:40 AM

If the X360 ever becomes cheap enough, moddable and capable of duplicating all the Xbox's functionality (including things like XBMC), then I'll probably give my Xbox to my sister or a friend to use as a media center.

#189 bumr055


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Posted 24 August 2006 - 04:48 PM

im probly not going to buy a 360 untill i see one at a yard sale for $4.87(that works.) i cant afford anything at the moment and my computer is out of comition.

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