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Xbox Hd Locked And Unidentified, Urgent Help Needed!

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#1 nickylarson


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Posted 16 December 2005 - 11:40 AM

A few days ago I unlocked my xbox hd with configmagic, after rebooting the console my xbox couldn't access the hd giving me error no.5 wich means that my bios can't access an unlocked hd, so I locked it again using my friend's xbox and thought that it might solve the problem but now a new error code appears (no.6) and I found out how to fix this error and followed the instructions one by one but in vain, no even worse! Now neither my xbox nor any other xbox can identify my hd and each console gives me a differnt error code from 6 to 16! So please if anyone knows what I should do be kind to help me out,I'm lost and desperate sad.gif

#2 mr_abz


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Posted 16 December 2005 - 12:20 PM

Im under the assumption you have a modded xbox.

Make a disk with ConfigMagic on, by using an ISO tut. You'll need this as you can't access the HDD. Make sure it is a medium your xbox recognises.

COLD boot the xbox by inserting the disk in the xbox, turning off then rebooting.

You should now see the ConfigMagic Screen. Use the recovery password option. It should be 'TEAMASSEMBLY' (as written without ' ' )

Your hdd drive should now be unlocked.

#3 Code-Runner


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Posted 16 December 2005 - 02:30 PM

IF you locked it in a friends xbox then unlock it with that xbox, you can not lock on one xbox to swap with another...

#4 nickylarson


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Posted 16 December 2005 - 04:13 PM

Thank you mr_abz for the advice but unfortunatelly it didn't work because I can't cold reboot my xbox since the console's led starts flashing red/green as soon as I turn on the xbox indicating the error and the console never has the chance to load from the dvd drive before the error screen appears and as for what code-runner suggested I thought of what you mentioned but I'm afraid that my friend sold his console yesterday and I'm not sure that the one who bought it is kind enough to do me that favor, so what I was really thinking of is if there is a way to get the hd's password by connecting it to my pc's ide with the help of a software to use this key later with hd unlock, so thank you both for the great help and sorry for being such a pain in the brain but I really would appreciate it if you can tell me of another way to correct what I've messed up in a way similar to what I've just mantioned, thanks again.

#5 Safrole


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Posted 16 December 2005 - 05:19 PM

I'm going to guess you're soft modded, and the stock bios choked when you rebooted unlocked. Hacked bios' don't care. Find someone with a chipped box, or a flashed box (not soft-modded), then follow mr_abz' advice to effect the unlock. That will at least get you back to your initial problem.

For your box to work as it used to (softmod), the drive should be locked with your eeprom's number (worked in a special formula with your drive's label), so this is your chief concern after unlocking.

Once the drive is unlocked, get your eeprom.bin file off the drive and feed that number to xboxhdm's locking utility. Then the drive will be locked with the number from YOUR box and all's well.

If you didn't back up, that is you don't have your eeprom key number, your next best plan is to chip it, relock the drive (or a bigger drive!) and then pull the chip out to use in another box.

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