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Posted 20 December 2005 - 06:15 AM

How to Open The Xbox 360:

- Xbox 360 Exposed: By informit.com
- Inside the Xbox 360: By AnandTech



- Cheap Source of SMD LEDs (Bulk-Order): By tdltdcomhk
- Other Source of LEDs: By unique-leds.com
- Other Source of LEDs (UK): By phenoptix
- Other Source of LEDs, eBay Store (UK): By phenoptix
- LEDs and more: By Niktronix


Audio/Video Modifications:

- Put a VGA Port on the Back of Your Xbox 360: By G0t M4xx 21
- HDMI Cable/Digital Optical Adapter Hack: By chadledford.com


Case Modifications:

- How to Wire LEDs (Detailed Tutorial): By liquid-core
- Cathode Installation: By grim_d
- LEDs in Your Nyko Intercooler: By Deadman1515
- Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Window Modding: By DaveRob517
- Working with Plexiglass/Lexan: By Steve-0
- How to Change the Lighting on a Talismoon Fan: By liquid-core
- Xbox LIVE/Ethernet Activity LED: By RBJTech
- Media Centre PC Into 360 Case - Internal PSU By nachomans


HD-DVD Drive Modifications:

- HD-DVD Drive Disassembly: By Llamma.com
- Changing the HD-DVD Drive Power LED: Sinister Slipknot


Controller Modifications:

- Removing the Triggers, the Easy Way: By grim_d
- Replacing the Surface-Mount LEDs: By Llamma.com
- Lighting the Dome: By Llamma.com
- Lighting the 'Start' and 'Back' Buttons: By Llamma.com
- Lighting The 'A','B','X', and 'Y' Buttons: By Llamma.com
- Rumble Motor-Activated LEDs: By Llamma.com
- Southpaw Controller Mod: By Llamma.com
- Add Any Extra Button to Your Wireless Matrix Controller: By jeremydammit
- Opening the Wireless Controller with a Standard T8 Security Bit: By Granulated
- Corroded Paint Job: By BIMPtacular
- High-Resolution Trace Pictures; LEDs on Wired and Wireless Controllers: By RDC
- High-Resolution Trace Pictures; Diagrams for Buttons on Wired and Wireless Matrix version Controllers: By RDC
- Changing the LEDs on the Play & Charge Kit: By sinister slipknot
- Wireless AA Pack: By RDC
- Wireless Play & Charge Kit, Technical Information: By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wired Controller, Older "Matrix", Button Solder Points (Arcade Stick, Duplicate Button, etc.): By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wired Controller, Newer "CL" Version of the Board (Common Line): By RDC
- How to Tell Which Wireless Controller Version You Have (Matrix, CG or CG2) Before Taking it Apart :By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wireless Controller, Older "Matrix", Button Solder Points (Arcade Stick, Duplicate Button, etc.): By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wireless Controller, Newer "Matrix 2" Version of the Board. :By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wireless Controller, Newer "CG" Version of the Board (Common Ground): By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wireless Controller, Latest "CG2" Version of the Board (Common Ground v2): By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Wireless Controller, Latest "CG3 (H4)" Version of the Board (Common Ground v3): By RDC
- Controller Board Scans, Wired and Wireless Matrix, Wired CL, Wireless CG and CG2 (All Components Removed): By RDC
- Clutch Mod (Wireless Racing Wheel): By majinsoftware
- Using an OptoCoupler for Switched Power Source in Controllers: By RDC

- Rapid Fire Mods


Cooling Modifications :

- 12-Volt Fan Mod: By Llamma.com
- 12-Volt Fan, Sickmods Fader with Switch, 12-Volt Tailsmoon with Variable Speed: By hawkplaya90@yahoo.com
- Easy 7-Volt, 9-Volt and 12-Volt Fan Mod: By Grim187
- Thermal Compound Upgrade: By zilli0n
- Add a Front Fan Header to Xbox 360 Motherboard: By rgall0
- Better GPU and CPU cooling Without Extra Fans: By RBJTech
- PSU Passive Cooling: By RBJTech
- X-Clamp Replacement : By Humboldt, M2X and Wilhelm_I
- Nyko Intercooler 12-Volt Mod : By ghettoc401
- X-Clamps Removal (Plastic Clamps/MKII) with Water-Cooling (X-Matic/Reserator 1 V2): By openxdkman
- Add a 12v Fan Header to Xbox 360 (Phat) Motherboard: By HrutkayMods


DVD Drive Modifications :

- Full DVD-ROM Window: By Winberg
- Internal USB-to-SATA Mod (Upgrade Your DVD-ROM Firmware through USB): By smartmod
- Replacing the Samsung DVD-ROM Laser: By RDC
- Replacing the Hitachi DVD-ROM Laser: By RDC


DVD Remote Modifications :

- 'Short' Remote Disassembly: By digitaldemon7
- Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote Disassembly: By grim_d


Faceplates Modifications :

- Official Faceplates: By twistedsymphony
- Clear Button with Paint: By Lumberg1
- Disassembling the Faceplate (Including Painting Tips): By Sloppy Fat Dump


HDD Modifications :

- How to Open the HDD: By Gamer from 2080
- How to Internalize Your Xbox 360 HDD: By popballz
- How to Remove the "HDD" Metal Piece Without Bending It: By G0t M4xx 21
- USB HDD Connectivity: By MomDad
- HDD Window with LEDs: By GSX
- HDD Activity LED: By allentron
- Expanded Hard Drive Activity LED: By RBJtech
- Info on how to 'upgrade' the 360 HDD: By TheSpecialist
- 3.5" Hdd Motherboard Modification Tutorial: By FrostyTheSnowman
- Slim HDD to Phat HDD Case Mod: By HrutkayMods


Headset Modifications :

- Xbox to Xbox 360 Module Jack: By Master3xBOx
- Headset Wiring Diagram: By Llamma
- Muffled Headset Fix: By Adam6
- Wireless Headset Disassembly: by Sir Crx
- Wireless Headset - Getting Blue and White LEDs to Work: By RDC
- Wireless Headset - Fuse Replacement / Repair: By RDC


Memory Card Modifications :

- Memory Card Window with LEDs: By GSX
- Make Memory Card Internal: By majinsoftware


Vision Camera Modifications :

- Vision Camera Disassembly Tutorial: By MourningWood


Chatpad Modifications :

- Replacing the LEDs : By john2185 & light-of-jesus


Painting Tips:

- How to Paint Your Xbox 360: By Hozy
- How to Paint Your Wireless Controller: On Bit-Tech forums


RoL/RF Board Modifications, PCB/Parts Replacement:

- RoL LED Replacement: By deakphreak
- RoL LED Layout: By pablot
- Invert RoL Colors Without Installing New LEDs: By G0t m4xx 21
- Blown 5-Volt Regulator Fix, Locating Alternate 5-Volt Point to Avoid Future Failure: By G0t m4xx 21
- High-Resolution Images of RoL Color Swap from Green to Red: By G0t M4xx 21 & RDC
- Modding the RoL: Primary and Error Colors, Installing LED Fader: By sicknasty413
- Ring of Light Mimic and Inversion : By Grim187


PSU Modifications :

- New Wiring Method For Using ATX PSU with the Xbox 360: By patrick2269
- How to Open the Xbox 360 PSU: By BCfosheezy - Pics : By liqwidsky
- Adding an External Power Supply: By Sloppy Fat Dump
- Powering the Xbox 360 with a PC PSU: By 89c4l98
- HD-DVD Add-On Power from the Xbox 360: By RBJtech



- Sources of Power (Switched and Standby) on Xenon/Zephyr Motherboards, with Descriptions: By RDC
- High-Resolution Images of Trace Repairs: By RDC
- Motherboard Trace Repair (really small traces) : By RDC
- How to Wire LEDs: By liquid-core
- The RoL, and How It Works: By pablot
- Warning for Members Who Use 12-Volts from the DVD-ROM Drive
- Warning for Members Who Use 5-Volt Source for LEDs
- Important Disc Scratching Information
- Plexiglass Touching Your Heatsink? Read This before Posting: By grim_d
- Polarity of Surface-Mount LEDs
- Opening the 'Xplorer' Guitar: By oZKa
- Opening The 'Guitar Hero 3' Guitar, and Making It More Quiet: By Lotus289
- Internalize the Wireless Network Adapter: By firepyro
- Opening the Microsoft Quick Charger: By swaneejuggalo
- High-Resolution Images of the Wireless Gaming Receiver, with Repair Information: by RDC
- High-Resolution Images of the Wireless Networking Adapter, with Repair Information: by RDC
- RoL LED Traces: by RDC

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Posted 06 April 2006 - 02:37 PM

If you have a Tutorial, please post it in the main forum.
Notify one of the Mods for this section. If not you can PM me and I will add it to the list in the sticky.
Please supply the Link and the title for your tutorial or info

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