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Live + Pgr3

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#1 Mandalore


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 02:05 AM

Anyone else think the way they integrated Live into PGR3 is pretty crappy?? I thought it was easy to jump into a game and play but I find it hard sometimes to just find a game to jump into even with the quick match option.

I either "Can't connect to Host" or I'll join into a game being played already or some dickheads just keep booting me for no reason at all. It can take up to 5 - 8minutes of this bullshit before I can get into a decent server where the host will not just leave. I don't see why they don't take what has been done for pc games where you can get a list of server names and you can see all the game and server variables and then choose which one you want. No that would make too much sense and of course M$ is too damn cheap to put up dedicated servers........I remember back in the day when Unreal Championship came out there was like 200 or 300 dedicated servers and it worked more or less like pc's to find a game to jump into.

Maybe because I'm more of a seasoned pc gamer than a console player but I find it awfully hard to play find any decent games on Live these days for pgr3. PD0 is much easier to find games I find so what the heck is up with PGR3?

Anyone else have the same frustrations?

#2 MadEx


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 03:32 AM

I have no such problems.

I would run the network test from the main dash and make sure your NAT isn't too restrictive.

#3 Tripme


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 03:33 AM

nope..works perfectly

#4 Druggedpolak


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 03:40 AM

omg i just experienced the most retarted thing ever today during 5 games.
I got matched up with some French guys every match. First i played Nurbergring and the guy was lagging so horribly that he jumped like 100 yards every other second and then disappeared. Then, halfway into the race he went through the ground and the front of his enzo was sticking out huh.gif . It was hilarious laugh.gif . But then when i tried to pass him while he was skipping and underground (occasionally popping out and wheeling blink.gif ) he came up next to me like a shark and sent me flying into the wall grr.gif . I wass pissed and then i saw the other guys fly passed me and skip along too. I was going to save the replay but i got pissed off and quit. I cant believe it matched me up with that bad of a connection grr.gif . Then the next few games the guys were assholes and pressed handbrake when i was right in back of them and they laughed. I cant find that many good games online against these idiots, but it brings a smile to my face when they try to spin me out and they crash and die smile.gif laugh.gif

#5 yaazz


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 03:52 AM

I dont play a lot of Online PGR3, but I dont like how single player was integrated with LIVE. in PGR2, there was an option to look at the leaderboards directly from the career mode ittself, where you could gain hints on how to succeed on the track, and even videos of successful drivers kicking ass, but in PGR3, you have to exit out of everything and remember what category you were racing in, as well as what event it was. to do the same thing.

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