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Kameo Advice

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#1 twistedsymphony


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Posted 28 December 2005 - 04:58 PM

Wow, I can't remember the last time I started a new topic that wasn't an FAQ or tutorial. laugh.gif

Anyway I was wondering those of you who have played through Kameo, what advice do you have for getting a high number of points/A Ranking on the various missions.

What element do you use? What attacks do you use? etc.

I've just about completed the game and I can't seem to get anywhere near enough points for anything above an F ranking let alone A.

I realize that going into Frenzy and getting Brutal/Carnage awards without dying is the way to the most amount of points. I'm more wondering what elements/techniques do you use to do that.

Here are the points required for various rankings:

Thorns Castle:
A -------------------------- 15,000,000
B --------------------------- 3,000,000
C ----------------------------- 600,000
D ----------------------------- 135,000
E ------------------------------- 13,000
F --------------------------------- 1,300
Cheats Set #1 ---------------------- 2,500,000
Test Cutscene ---------------------- 2,000,000
Concept Video ---------------------- 1,500,000
Troll Song --------------------------- 1,000,000
Making Backgrounds Video ---------- 500,000
Alternate Costume - Kameo --------- 100,000

Forgotten Forest:
A -------------------------- 15,000,000
B ---------------------------- 4,000,000
C ------------------------------ 750,000
D -------------------------------- 85,000
E -------------------------------- 30,000
F ---------------------------------- 1,000
Cheats Set #2 ----------------------------- 2,000,000
Cutscene Player --------------------------- 1,600,000
Alternate Costume - Rubble -------------- 1,200,000
Wotnot Book Video -------------------------- 800,000
Alternate Costume - Pummel Weed -------- 400,000
Animation Video ------------------------------ 200,000

Water Temple:
A --------------------------- 17,000,000
B ---------------------------- 5,000,000
C ---------------------------- 1,250,000
D ------------------------------ 250,000
E -------------------------------- 50,000
F ---------------------------------- 7,000
Cheat Set #3 --------------------------- 3,000,000
Boss Fights ------------------------------ 2,500,000
Alternate Costume - Major Ruin ------- 2,000,000
Cutscene Videos ------------------------ 1,500,000
Alternate Costume - Ash --------------- 1,000,000
Alternate Costume - Kameo ------------- 500,000

Snow Temple:
A ----------------------------- 30,000,000
B ------------------------------- 4,000,000
C --------------------------------- 900,000
D --------------------------------- 250,000
E ----------------------------------- 50,000
F ------------------------------------- 7,000
Cheat Set #4 ------------------------- 3,000,000
Character Model Video -------------- 2,500,000
Alternate Costume - Chilla, --------- 2,000,000
Music Player -------------------------- 1,500,000
Alternate Costume - Deep Blue ---- 1,000,000
Evolution of the Characters Video ---- 500,000

Thorns Pass:
A ------------------------------ 30,000,000
B ------------------------------- 8,000,000
C ------------------------------- 3,000,000
D --------------------------------- 300,000
E ----------------------------------- 30,000
F ------------------------------------- 5,000
Cheat Set #5 ------------------------ 5,000,000
Animatic Videos --------------------- 4,500,000
Alternate Costume - Flex ----------- 4,000,000
Evolution Videos --------------------- 3,500,000
Deleted Moves Movie ---------------- 3,000,000
Alternate Costume - Kameo -------- 2,500,000

Thorns Airship:
A ----------------------------- 30,000,000
B ------------------------------ 7,000,000
C ------------------------------ 1,200,000
D -------------------------------- 600,000
E ---------------------------------- 50,000
F ------------------------------------ 7,000
Cheat Set #6 ------------------------- 3,000,000
End Concept Video ------------------- 2,500,000
Airship Concept Video --------------- 2,000,000
Alternate Costume - 40 Below ------ 1,500,000
Deleted Scenes Videos -------------- 1,000,000
Early Footage Video -------------------- 500,000

A ----------------------------- 130,000,000
B ------------------------------ 30,000,000
C ------------------------------ 10,000,000
D -------------------------------- 2,000,000
E ---------------------------------- 500,000
F ---------------------------------- 100,000
Alternate Costume - Thermite --------- 24,000,000 Total
Deleted Cutscenes Video --------------- 21,000,000 Total
Animatic Videos 2 ----------------------- 18,000,000 Total
Alternate Costume - Snare ------------- 15,000,000 Total
Concept Art Set 2 ----------------------- 12,000,000 Total
Concept Art Set 1 ------------------------ 9,000,000 Total

Ok so I guess this was a bit informative.... Though I still can't even get so much as an E rank on these levels (I've come close). So what's the secret? ph34r.gif

*most of that data came from game faqs and icpforever.

#2 kimbonious


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Posted 28 December 2005 - 05:25 PM

I found the only way for me is to use boxing plant guy (forgot his name) and use his punch combo then use his supercharged upercut to 1 hit kill giving you the carnage and brutal. I got a C this way. Best I could get.

#3 crobar


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Posted 28 December 2005 - 05:29 PM

yeah i agree the plant dude is crazy for points
thanks for the detailed post BTW

#4 Rubix42


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Posted 28 December 2005 - 09:48 PM

This is a great detailed post on how to do it on the xbox forums.

If anyone wants to PM me how to make a lazy link, I would love to learn biggrin.gif


I can't get better than a C on any level though. . .

Edited by Rubix42, 28 December 2005 - 09:49 PM.

#5 Marrvia


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Posted 28 December 2005 - 11:26 PM

I've only attempted high scores so far the Thorn's Castle level only. I can get about 14 million points, but I have a tough time getting 15 million, so I can get the A ranking. The way I do it, is I use the Ice Gorilla creature(forget his name), and I press R trigger to scoop up enemies and throw them on my back, once I have 3 on my back(you can only have 3 at once), I throw them off a cliff or at a wall really fast. For each kill, you get Carnage & Brutal, and for the 2nd and 3rd kills, you get frenzy. It's the easiest way i've seen to get multipliers. I think I would get an A ranking if I just wouldn't get hit at all throughout the level. I always get hit once or twice, that's why I always fail to get a better score.

#6 twistedsymphony


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Posted 29 December 2005 - 08:32 PM

cool thanks for the advice happy.gif

#7 Reaper527


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Posted 29 December 2005 - 08:40 PM

yeah, i use chilla's grab 3 and toss technique, but even on the first level i still can't get anything better then a C. i agree that pummelweeds punch combo gets good points, but its hard to not get hit when your completely surrounded and only able to hit 1 person at a time. maybe i just suck tongue.gif

#8 zeebo


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Posted 30 December 2005 - 02:13 AM

Since everyone has said they can only get a C as the best. Myself has gotten an "A" rank on Thorn's Castle, if you don't believe my GT is Zeebo21. I haven't tried any of the other levels, getting an "A" rank is really time consuming so be prepared to spend about an hour or more getting it.

Anyways, decided to write a tutorial on how I got an "A" rank in Thorn's Castle.

Tip: Beat the game before trying this, that means all fruit, etc.
Tip 2: For Thorn's Castle use the Spirit Eye (the one that charges your blue stuff faster)
Tip 3: Try not to get hit. Each time you get hit, it reduces a point off each multiplier.

At the beginning of the stage, drop down from the ice with Chilla and use Kameo to get up on a block where the trolls are that have cannons. Switch to Chilla and use his Ice Spears to kill them, if you're quick enough you'll get an easy Frenzy. Climb back up the ice wall and use Chilla throughout the entire time until no more trolls appear. Use his upper cut to put the trolls on his spike back and throw them into the spikes on the wall as fast as possible. This will rack up a few frenzies. Kill all three of the dragons before moving on. Note: If you're left with one troll, try to take out a dragon by throwing the troll into the dragon (very challenging, but possible). Continue on through the hole with the rolly dude (can't remember names at the moment). When you get to the white troll under the spinny spike thing, uproot him with the boxing plant (I forget names too often), then throw him into the spikes on the wall with Chilla. Throw the rest of the incoming trolls into the spikes using Chilla. Go over the wall and use chilla to put the trolls on your back. Avoid getting hit, especially by the small fire troll, go for him first to avoid this. Throw them off the edge, it's possible to get 2 frenzies off this. Continue up and through the pipe. Knock the ball trolls off the edge using the rolly dude. If you can, knock each off as fast as you can, if you get two in a row really fast, you can achieve a frenzy. Continue through the gate using chilla and pummel weed (I remembered his name biggrin.gif) Switch back to chilla and wait for two dragons to come by and kill them. Continue and on the upward spiral staircase through everyone on Chillas back and avoid getting hit by the insects. When you get to the last window, throw them all out. By now you should have alot of frenzies, brutals, etc. When you get to the second bridge with trolls at the end, snipe them using chilla. Then continue, and look up and notice the three chandellers (spelling) and snipe them in the order of middle, left, right. If you can do it fast enough you can get a frenzy. Continue and when the troll is throwing down bombs use Kameo and fly above them and you will avoid getting hit. Continue through the gate and stay pummel weed. Let all the trolls gather and use the L,R,L,R,L,R, repeat combination to kill the trolls and go into focus mode, when you go into focus mode focus trolls will appear, take them out before worrying about the other trolls. When you exit focus mode go L,R some more trolls to go back in it. Continue doing this until there are no trolls left. By now, you most likely have enough points to recieve and "A" rank, but I will continue with some other things you can do to boost your score. Snipe out the troll with the cannon on his back before you continue, hurry to the edge you will notice a troll going up the ice, snipe him out with Chilla then continue. Go up the ice, throw the trolls off the edge using chilla and continue... Once you get to the Boss Troll, right at the beginning of battle, knock down the chandeller (spelling) in the middle of the room and it will land on top of him. Giving you a nice set of points. Do not end the stage up, knock open all the boxes before leaving, there will be two trolls. Throw them off the edge using chilla then complete the stage.

If you can do all this while only getting hit a few times, then you should definately recieve an "A" rank in Thorn's Castle. I believe I achieved 26 million using this method putting me in the 50's or 80's on the leaderboard. I'll post again with an exact score, it has been awhile since I've looked.

Hope this helps some get "A" rankings!

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