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Bejeweled 2 Strategy

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#1 Torx-T3D


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Posted 17 January 2006 - 11:24 AM

Sorry if im late on the "bejeweled bandwagon" but i figured i'd post my little strategy and ideas to help everyone else. Im not a pro, my highest was last night level 14 after figuring out what i need to do and focus on. I tried searching but couldnt find anything worthwhile just the same ol keep matches at the bottom. Couldnt find anything here, search function is crapo.

After being stuck time and time again "no more moves" on level 6 or 7, i realized. Theres a strategy to this, this isnt just random block dropping and swapping. My highest at that point in time was level 11. How i did it, i dont know.

Well, after many days of examining how the blocks drop and what is offered as matches at the beginning of each stage i realized its not as random and the "luck of the draw" as people think. The AI is actually trying to help you but it is up to you to follow the AI's path of matches that it gives you.

Alright, maybe this will make more sense. Keep in mind, as the levels progress, the number of matches to play with become more scarce and will rely on you to work the top half and bring down a match for saftey.

Key Tips
- save a match on the bottom for emergency (common sense)
- save up your lightning gems and explosive gems as well. If the explosive gems get to close to the bottom then it could accidentally wreak havoc on your backup match, so try to blow them or use them in the middle, top or sides or just save them for the next level because you might need them.
- make vertical matches as much as you can because this is what triggers cascades more than horizonal matches.
- if you want to take a chance, line up explosives across the board and allow them to simulatanously blow to boost your score, or use the lightning gem on the gems that are the most abundant and or have the most explosives. Make sure you plan ahead to protect your backup match.
- Play from top to bottom as much as possible, make an invisible line across the top of your protected match and work above that.
- If you feel like you have 2 or 3 last critical moves, LET THE AI HINT to you, dont ask it or it'll take your level completion back. Just let it sit for a few seconds and it'll point you the best move. The only times ive had the AI hint and cause me a "no more moves" IS when i had no more moves. So it IS very trustworthy, well to me it is.
- Dont get crazy on the swapping, you could easily mismatch somthing that you couldve done better with and it will cause you the WHOLE GAME.

Alright with those key tips out of the way, im going to explain what I think the AI is doing to help.
If you were to notice playing from top to bottom the AI is actually giving you matches to make, BUT you have to follow what the AI is trying to tell you AND goto. If you dont follow the matches from top to bottom or where the AI is trying to get you to go (YES the gems dropped are NOT random, they are dropped for a reason, its up to you to do the right thing with them and not jump to the bottom and fuck shit up) This way is definately slower but alot safer. Sure you can go to the middle and start matchmaking and creating cascades, but thats only good for the frst 10 levels or so. From what ive experienced. Once you go up to the harder levels its more tedious and time consuming (because of the level bar incremental)

I dont feel like typing anymore.

So post your strategies here, ideas are welcome, and your highest score/level

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#2 Shinamano


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Posted 17 January 2006 - 02:42 PM

Good stuff...I have not downloaded this one yet, but once I am done with Zuma and Wik I will be glad to use your strategy.

#3 FancyBamboo


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Posted 20 July 2006 - 08:04 PM

I play Bejeweled 2 on the computer in MS, but the game's the game, despite its platform (I think). May I ask you a few questions about strategy since I'm stuck (for a VERY long time) getting nowhere after level 6 or so? My high score is just over 1,000, but my average good score is in the 700s.

I've read your strategy and am glad the AI is on my side, tho I imagined so, because when I do something to trip it up, it gets really confused and I have problems.

About playing from top to bottom: I am inclined to look for ways to manipulate 4 or 5 jewels to do something I think will get me more points.

Anyway, may I "speak" here?

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