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Put Your Ideas Here Forward To The Team

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Posted 24 April 2003 - 03:48 PM

Hi There If You have Got An Idea For "AvaLaunch" Then Put It Here In This Thread. . .

Best Regards


Vast Gsm Team

#2 the joker

the joker

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Posted 01 June 2003 - 12:19 PM

highest Priority of suggestions :
* Mouse support
* DVD Ripper (maybe autocreate/name the dir to copy to also)
* bios flashing

Good suggestions :
* Mounting ISO files on the xbox HDD as D: (just gotta fix some issues with fatx3 first - since it still has the fatx 2gb limit... fixing that soon )
* be anle to set up an fserve or an xdcc server (a lot of us have 120 gig hdds and a lot of media weed like to share)
* Also A Live Text Editor Would Be Nice Too, So You Could Edit Your .ini Files In Real Time.
* Some Utility To Import Your Own Skins For AvaLaunch.
* In Game Reset Triggers.
* Calibrational screen (for people with older tv's that cut off the edge of the screen)
* How about a cool "freeze/unfreeze" feature? ( zip down unused games ++ )
* ISO 9660 Fat System support in the File Browser.
* bios editing
* How about more download update things? Like being able to update XBMP from within the dash?
*How about an Xbox Scene news viewer?
* password protect stuff
*User login w/wo password (with safety reset) 2 there personalized Dash setting for that user . That way no other person could screw-up other user settings.
* HD support 480p 720p 1080i (I have a sony wga xbr and few things really take advantage of these formats yet)
*making it so you can ftp stuff onto memory cards is nice
*a hard disk defragging utility
*using the numbers on the remote to quickly launch specific xbe files
*positioning and sizing the menu box
*positioning and sizing the game icons
*using own screenshots or videos for game icons
*disabling and enabling the infos like version number in the .xml
*I'd like to be able to change fonts in real time, or atleast in settings get a little preview of how the different fonts look, and then I'd have to reboot to get them working
*I'd like to see topic up in the left corner, where it says #channelname
*I want a option to change the region settings for games (USA, Japan or Europe & Australia.)
*I would like the ability to play a random short video instead of the cube intro.
*Since most HDD support S.M.A.R.T and you can read temperatures with it -- could it possible added to Avalaunch?
*i like the xbox saves online feature, but for the next release, i'd like to be able to have a number of slots to choose from
* The Mp3 feature, let it play random
*rom autolaunch
*It would be great if you could add external USB hard drive support.

Could-be ideas ( but dont get your hopes up )
*a feature to auto patch the new games
* A Built In Online Gaming App That Will Support The Commonly Used X-Box Live Gaming HeadSet.
* a list of irc servers that you can scroll down and pick one then it will auto connect instead of haveing to do a /server everytime
* Network keyboard
* animation in skins support
* A plugin system, so others can make additions to the dash without having to request it or muck around with the whole sourcecode (if it will, indeed, be opensource one day).
* scripting support for the irc client
* Online voice chatting using Xbox Live headset
* lightgun support

Wont implement
* Inet browser
(TJ used to work for Opera Software, and has a contract that will get him sued if he touches a web-browser (or anything near one) for a few more years)

* Tv guide like in xbmp, however you can bookmark a certain prog so that when it is the time that it's on Avalaunch alerts you.

* xbox wma support in the back ground ( does play a lot of other things tho )

* how about AIM and MSN
* Maybe a ICQ client ?

*ntsc/pal change for special games.. This because you need to turn on and off xbox to set the mode.

Suggestions that we have implemented :
* .sfv checker
* One chosen MP3 plays as default when dash is open (Xport has implemented this in lots of his emu's i'm sure he would assist you with this)
* DVD remote can be used for all the sections (i.e. even for the onscreen keyboard in the IRC)
* In IRC the screen can be zoomed in or out.
* maybe add Avalaunch version displayed on screen so we know what version we have.
* UnRar and UnZip implemented in the File Browser.
* A button-press-and-hold to speed up the Scroll in the Menus (aka hold L Button in evox).
* Ability to move/max(min)imize the windows for the irc/telnet clients.
* File manager (of xtoolbox) functionality/looks
* FTP client
* Xbox gaming name editor (gotta love this for Halo)
* A Save Game manager. ( kinda )
* Screen Saver for Avalaunch
* Keyboard support needs repeate keys. In .39 this didnt work I have yet to install .40c
* I didnt see any referance to this yet but FXP support would be nice.
* Auto-update (if that were legal/possible)
*get screenshot001.bmp, screenshot002.bmp, screenshot003.bmp, etc etc
*a .rar or .zip extraction program should be built in (rar2.90 is a bit bumpy - but zip works )

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#3 the joker

the joker

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Posted 04 June 2003 - 08:15 AM

we could add xbins instalogin FTP access....but we're not going to. Its made to "protect" against mirroring which was a massive bandwidth killer.

We're cooperating with xbins, and we'll work out something different for making it easy to download binaries.

#4 DukeHeart


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Posted 05 June 2003 - 05:34 AM

I would like to be able to setup icons for the high level menus. For example I would like to seperate all the emualtors and have a picture of each machine being emulated beside each menu item.

#5 andaval


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Posted 08 June 2003 - 05:43 PM

QUOTE (the joker @ Jun 1 2003, 02:19 PM)
Could-be ideas ( but dont get your hopes up )
*a feature to auto patch the new games

I'm not sure what you mean by this, but it might come it handy to implement an automatic filerenamer/default.xbe that would allow you to rip Xbox games to your hard drive (and have them be playable) even if they contain HD-invalid filenames (like Enter the Matrix, for example). I don't know how feasible this is, and I know it doesn't seem that necessary right now, but if a lot of games start coming out that way, it would be awesome to not have to worry about it and have it work.

#6 bennytopcat


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Posted 08 June 2003 - 11:32 PM

A great feature to add to your dashboard would be how you can configure settings without having to use .xml thats a pain like evo x you can change all your settings then save them that would be a great feature that way settings are much easier to change wink.gif

#7 carazy


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Posted 09 June 2003 - 06:08 AM

I'd love to see the file sharing suggestion as mentioned above.
I have a 120gb drive in my box and I always fill it full of movies at my lan parties. The ability to share this with Xbox only companions would be brillient.
Top notch stuff so far guys.
The only thing I really want is the ability to develop skins for the dash board in much the same way winamp impliments them.

#8 Morglum


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Posted 09 June 2003 - 06:15 AM

Please dont ever add IGR to Avalaunch, i know the idea is great and all, but lets be honest, the majority of us use the X2 BIOS and will be switching to the X3 BIOS once its out, i very much doubt IGR will be removed from the Xecuter range of BIOSes, so there really isnt a need for it, and besides, look at all the conflicts Evo-Xs IGR caused, please learn from their mistakes, you have an awesome dash that can only get better, dont ruin it by putting in IGR sad.gif

EDIT: Oh and like bennytopcat said, it would be great if the settings were like in Evo-X and not xml, not that the xml is difficult to configure, but Evo-X took me 2 mins to set up, Avalaunch took me 5 mins just to read, then another 5 to setup. If you could change it to be an Evo-X ini style setup that would be much better all around i think, but thats just me cool.gif

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#9 lucas


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Posted 09 June 2003 - 08:47 AM

less precise analog stick for moving up and down the menus

currently you have to have the stick within about 5 degrees of directly up, otherwise you get no movement at all (illustrated by the blue area.
user posted image

the red area would make it a little more forgiving for times when you're not completely sober and arent holding the pad quite straight.

Note: the diagram is symetrical, its your eyes making it look like its not tongue.gif j/k

#10 Morglum


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Posted 09 June 2003 - 08:28 PM

Would it be possible to make the FTP in file tree view? Or can it already do this and im just overlooking a setting? If not, do you think it would be possible for you guys to add this in?

#11 MagamiAKO


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Posted 10 June 2003 - 04:26 AM

I've got some serious ideas that ought to be worked on here, though I know you guys develop 'just' the dashboard, but the method of deployment of the dashboard definitely needs to be re-worked.

Here's what I mean:

The dashboard should have an 'auto install' feature. Avalaunch, on first run (from the DVD rom) should auto-detect itself on run, and if it does not find itself, to start an "Easy Configurator" session. This detection Im sure could be done by doing a simple MD5 on *.xbe on the C drive. On this install, You will be able to configure the following items:

-Auto-Detect Network (Attempt DHCP first, if no DHCP found, allow manual entry of IP settings)
-Auto Copy Avalaunch from DVD ROM to C
-Basic Configuration of Popular Programs (Please point to location of Xbox Media Player. Please Point Location of MS Dashboard for DVD playback).
-Finally, an auto update to itself.

-The menu should also be seperate from the standard XML config file, with a bit less fragmenting and a bit more explanation on configuration (Think ircd.conf-style). It just seems cleaner this way, since the menu isn't exactly the 'configuration' of the dash versus the other settings.

-Allow updates via CD. If the CD boots, finds an older version of the dash, then the new CD should ask if you would like to upgrade. All relevant configuration settings will be left the same, with onnly additions to the config (if required), or automatic importation of old settings into new configuration file.

-Finally, do something about requiring FTP for file transfers. Implement a Samba server into the dashboard.

That should be all for now smile.gif

Btw, I'm well aware of the download/copy situation. Which is why I think we should make avalaunch ISOs on the FTP.

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#12 KanadaKid


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Posted 10 June 2003 - 05:12 PM

Just an idea but, for the progs/games that don't have icons showing up, could u have it look in the udata folder for TitleImage.xbx? I setup my own icons for a few games and most of the homebrews since I use neXgen as my default dash. I'd be that much closer to switching to avalaunch if I didn't have to redo my icons.

That and the screen configure option would make it even sweeter than it already is.

#13 poopi


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Posted 11 June 2003 - 07:38 PM

Online Gaming Community!!! Woohoo! that would be sweeeet! u guys would be the authority in the xbox scene!! tongue.gif

#14 wolverine-


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Posted 11 June 2003 - 09:40 PM

file extraction...

I dont know if your have gotten this to work, but a feature that i really would like to see is remote file extraction...

It would be really nice to sit it my couch, extracting movies that i'm going to see in xbmp...

It's a bit of a struggle to leave the couch and go all the way over to my compter to extract something and the go back into the couch.. maybe i'm lazy tongue.gif

#15 wixx


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Posted 11 June 2003 - 09:56 PM

Also if it wouldnt be too much trouble, it'd be nice to see whats on the memory cards from the file mananger...thanks

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