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Put Your Ideas Here Forward To The Team

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#421 TheGabber


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Posted 23 April 2004 - 08:29 AM

Please do something about the freezes!!!!
Its slowly driving me crazy!!!

Everytime when shoutcast services are unavailable after a few days, i start my xbox, avalaunch freezes like a snail on the north pole...
Than theres another 10 unexplainable freezes :S (Telnet when no link, APOD and ACAM etc etc)

I think Avalaunch has potential, but with these freezes it really sucks...

Like today i cant use my xbox at all, just because the first shoutcast server is unavailable, 3 seconds after avalaunch is booted, a messege pops up saying "connection lost - trying to reconnect" and everything freezes :!(
Trying to stop it using the controller (LTrigger+LJoystickbutton) doesnt work either.

Only way to stop this is by disconnecting the system link cable so that avalaunch detects "no link" and thus wont do trouble to try connect shoutcast..
Than change settings and turn off shoutcast than shut down xbox, and reboot it after connecting system link again...

#422 MikesTooLz


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Posted 27 April 2004 - 12:51 AM

Heres a cool idea i just thought of.
how about having a dedicated IP Phone server that can be run on the PC. then different irc channels can host there own IP Phone chats. for example #avalaunch could have IPphone.teamavalaunch.com running the dedicated server and you can login to it to chat with people about AVA.

#423 yosomono99


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Posted 28 April 2004 - 10:42 AM

A favorites menu...kinda like the "Recently launched programs" in windows xp. I'm no coder, but it sounds easy enough. All that would need to be done, is every time an .xbe is launched, the dash check a "list" file to see if the .xbe already exists in it. If it doesn't, it adds it to the list, if it does exist, it simply adds a 1 to the "how many times has this .xbe been launched" field. Then, have the favorites menu auto-build off of that "list" file..that way the games you play the most are right there, and you don't have to weed through a bunch of games you don't play on a regular basis, but still want to keep on your box.

#424 SirDrexl


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Posted 28 April 2004 - 11:44 PM

This isn't really a bugfix or anything-just a suggestion to correct a minor inconvenience.

When you go to download skins, you can choose from different servers. There's a feature which automatically connects you to the last server you were on. Even if you go back to a previous menu, and then return to download skins again, Avalaunch connects to the last server you were on, and even the last skin you viewed is highlighted.

This is a nice feature, but there is a slight problem. If that skin server is down, you'll have to reboot the console to download skins from other servers because Avalaunch takes you back to the last server you were on (which was down). There's no way to try another server because Avalaunch insists on connecting to that unavailable server.

There should be a way to select another server if the one you select is down, or make it so that Avalaunch automatically takes you back to the list of servers if a selected server is down. Or, there could just be a setting to enable or disable connecting to the most recently used skin server.

Does that make sense? Keep up the good work, Team Ava. beerchug.gif

#425 brncmp


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Posted 29 April 2004 - 02:02 AM

compressing games when ther not used and auto decompress when there lunched

#426 yohoo


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 07:46 PM

Maybe a smartxx/xenium LCD support.
It will be nice if it can display critical info like cpu/mobo temps, free space on F:, etc..

#427 badmonkey


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Posted 09 May 2004 - 11:17 AM

Just wanted to add this idea into here, as it really didn't need to be in its own thread that is going...

A weather feature similar to that found in XBMC would be great.

I don't particularly want to have it in my RSS, as I wouldn't want to sit and wait for all my other news to scroll to get to it.

I could of course just use it in XBMC, but my Avalaunch is the dash I use, and my Xbox is almost always on idle in it.

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#428 4NIC8TOR


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Posted 11 May 2004 - 03:34 AM

VIDEO PHONE!!! This new news has got me stoked! I wonder if it will be possible to rip the videophone code from the new live dash to use it in OUR dash!! That would totally kick ass! Oh, and the weather thing is a great idea too but not overbearing. Maybe just like a little icon or with different options that could be enabled/disabled in the .xml.

#429 roar


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Posted 11 May 2004 - 01:06 PM

Perhaps this was mentioned already, but I wasn't about to read through 29 pages of replies to see if it had...

"When Last Launched..." or "This app has been launched # times"

Either in QWIX or in the dash, I think it would be helpful to know when a game or util has last been lauched to give me an indication of how often I use the game. When I'm using QWIX to u/l a game I'm always scrambling to delete a game or two to make room, if I could sort my releases by the ones that were last played then I'd have a better idea which one to delete.

Like in Windows, when you go to add/remove programs it tells you how often you use the programs, it helps when cleaning up hard drive space.

#430 Intensecure


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Posted 11 May 2004 - 02:03 PM

Yeah, maybe like a previous "caller", a dash that doesn't freeze all the fucking time. A *functional* dash like other seem to produce. A "working" dash, that has less ideas and more function. A better use of time that coyuld be spent developing a qwix app that could rock the scene big time without the dash needed.
Ignore me, I'm fucked off.

#431 Trini


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Posted 12 May 2004 - 03:09 AM

I don't know if this has been said but what about and http server like xbmc...that would be #*@!'in cool biggrin.gif

#432 domerdel


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Posted 13 May 2004 - 04:09 PM

Some ideas:

I saw that there was a toggle for HD support coming soon, but what about Dobly 5.1 and DTS?

Update dashboard feature, locks up my xbox, will this actually be a working update or is it just me with problems?

I emulate shoutcast with XBMC, but maybe an integrated version that will read the pls file on their server to tell me what artist/song is currently playing.

#433 Lysip


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 08:41 PM

Dont know know if this has been said but Modchip spicific features.

ie. chameleon, smartXX, ozxchip thingy. I think that would add a very nice feature to Avalaunch.

Also a way of changing you xbox name without haveing to FTP your box, also being able to select more then one object in the filemanager and after renameing something being able to go to the middle of the line and add something not haveing to delete up to that point, and how about a built in text editor in to the File Manager.

a big one for me would being able to see the name and time of the music that is playing. like in corner. or at least being able to add some command to the news feed, last thing how about something like python support so as people could automate tasks.

If you were to put any of these in i would love you more then i do now.

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#434 ms2004


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Posted 18 May 2004 - 08:13 AM

How about ......
TSR Trainer solution like evox?
ICQ/Aol/Instant Messenger Clients?
MP3 Filesharing?
Save Game Manager?
Option to automatic Shutdown?
Support for several USB Devices (e.g. USB Harddrives,Memory Sticks)?
A Builtin MS-Dos Emulator?
Remote Access to avalaunch functions via WebBrowser (like SmartXX)?
Ability to Open/Close Tray, Shutdown Xbox with a Button on the Joypad?
Xbins browse,download&install interface?


Played game XXX for xx Times,
entered xbe XXX dd.mm.yy hh:mm:ss, back to dash dd.mm.yy hh:mm:ss

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#435 johnslayer


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Posted 21 May 2004 - 08:27 PM

I was just checking out project deck and it seems they are adding some usbs to their boxes. I was thinking it would be cool for the best dashboard ,Avalaunch, to take advantage of these new attributes. i was thinking that since we can use voice communicator to talk it would be cool if you guys wrote some software that let us use a usb web cam and voice communicator at the same time so we could chat real time and have picture. Like a picture phone. I also suggested having Av Inputs so you could use the hdd like a tivo. Again someone would have to write some badass software to pull that one off. I also heard that you will have some sort of boxlink type software installed on Ava? how does that work. I just signed up for Kai and I'm really excited. Anyway just some suggestions.

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