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Moore Says M$ Can't Touch The Ps3!... At Launch.

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 05:12 PM

ok i found an article of this on kikizo: Kikizo article

here is the article:
Moore Says MS Can't Touch PS3 Launch

In a surprising bout of sincerity, Peter Moore admits that there's nothing MS can do to touch the PlayStation 3 at launch.

Bill Gates caused a stir last year when he said that MS was prepping Halo 3 to launch alongside the PlayStation 3, to give gamers pause before siding with Sony. But in a recent interview, MS's Peter Moore admitted to tech site Engadget that whatever his company tries to do, Sony is going to have a sell-out on its hands:

"They'll launch and it'll be very successful. There's no doubt, regardless of whether I throw a title in there or an update of Live or whatever, that it's not going to affect their launch."

"You don't think they're not going to sell out of PlayStation 3s, do you? You think that if I could create a piece of IP so that PlayStation 3s would arrive at Best Buy and they'd sit on the shelves? Come on, it's not going to happen."

Moore said that instead of taking the "stupid, ridiculous" step of forcing programmers to rush a game out when it was needed, MS would prefer to have it come out when it's ready.

"...I'd rather focus on the fact that whatever we do, whether it's what Rare's doing or what Bungie's doing, that we make the best games possible and that we release it when it's ready and that it moves our platform."

Many people believed Bill Gates when he said Halo 3 was coming in to block, simply because it's the biggest franchise MS has, and what better way to try to disturb your biggest rival.

For Moore, it's exactly this importance that requires that Bungie gets all the time it needs:

"The Halo Nation would string me out from some flagpole if I used Halo to be a competitive counter balance to something else, for it to be anything other than for it to be the greatest game ever on an Xbox console - or on any console."

"There's too much invested in this franchise and the Halo Nation is too dear to us to use them as pawns in some bigger game. It doesn't work that way."
Alex Wollenschlaeger
Editor, Kikizo Games

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 08:12 PM

this is nothing earth-shattering, anyone with any commen sense and a brain in the industry will tell you the same thing. that is the same reason why i never took bill gates comment on halo 3 launcjing the same day as the ps3 literally. in retrospect the same has been said about the 360 from sony execs. it was admitted before the launch of the 360 that if the launch wasnt a success then sony may opt. to wait until 2007 to launch, but was quick to also say that the 360 wont be a failure and they knew it.

this lesson should be learned by all from the dreamcast launch. sony released FFVIII the same day as the DC launch hoping to steal some of the attention away from the DC. peter moore even commented on how it would not make any difference because those who are going to buy a system at launch will get it regardless of what else is out. though a good try, FFVIII had no effect on the DC successful launch and those who wanted one or both got them regardless of anything else. basically moore saw how futile it was then with the DC and knows the same thing now with the ps3.

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