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My Experience With The Spidergx

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#1 zagnuttt4


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Posted 01 February 2006 - 05:37 AM

Hey guys.. just wanted to post my progress since I sent my SpiderGX back finally. I don't want to start any modchip wars, since I haven't really modded that many xboxes.. but recently I have modded enough of them to decide that I will NEVER purchase a SpiderGX again. I recently finally sent my SpiderGX back after I couldn't take anymore of it not running or loading any apps, etc... And I purchased a brand new X3 instead. Installed the Xecuter3 in a 1.6 xbox.. rebuilt the LPC with wires.. and guess what.. NO MORE PROBLEMS. Runs every app, every .xbe file, I'm so glad I sent my Spider back.. not trying to start any fights, just trying to help anybody out who may have just purchased a SpiderGX or may be thinking about it.. You may be dissapointed!!! You'd be far better off to spend just a bit more money and grab an xecuter3 or even spend less money on a DuoX2 or DuoX2 lite and learn to solder.. I spent a few days practicing on old motherboards I have laying around, and although I'm not a soldering pro now, it does get easier in time.. and you can bet your ass that LPC wire rebuild is going to stay on a lot sturdier than those Spider legs!! alright done ranting take it easy guys

-ex SpiderGX user

#2 scarface18


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Posted 01 February 2006 - 02:49 PM

vote 2

i wanted to buy a xenium spice but they are out of stock till gold hits the shelves.
so i went for the spidergx which had the same functions an was just as easy to install,
at least thats what they told.

installing the chip in my 1.6 went smootly, flashed it with the 5035 bios and installed dashboard.
but as so many it freezed when running a second xbe.
so i bought a x3 CE, had it soldered in by a friend and it works without problems.
the external switch installed INSIDE the case (only used for selecting banks and writeprotect which im not going to need often, i hope) so the only visible change is a nice orange led smile.gif

then i tried to install the same spidergx in a 1.0, didnt even boot kept fragging.
even after solderen it in by the same friend it didn't boot.
And the store wont take it back because ive cut one of the pins on the spiderwirepcb.
yesterday i ordered a x2.6CE (x3ce out of stock) and bought a small soldering iron with a small tip.
now im experimenting on some old network cards, attaching wires at random points smile.gif

so spidergx is a NO from me, although the box in which came is handy for storing screws :!
any tips what to do with the spider? ritual burning maybe !

#3 zagnuttt4


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Posted 01 February 2006 - 05:02 PM

Hi Scarface.. I agree that the box it came in was kind of cool. smile.gif Where did you purchase your SpiderGX from, by chance? I bought mine from ModChip.com, and even though I cut off the Leg that was not needed for the 1.6.. they still took it back. And the rest of the legs were beat up pretty badly as well. I have to say I never did have any problems booting, or flashing, the SpiderGX.. or playing backups for that matter. It was just that it would NEVER run a second .xbe file, a.k.a. it would never load or run any apps. I installed my external switch for the Xecuter3 CE on the outside of the xbox.. ran the wires down through the controller area and attached it after that.. just stuck it to the front of the box. I kept it on the outside more for the Lan and HDD led's than the dipswitches though.. I probably won't be switching my banks around that much. And X3 Config Live gives you plenty of control over your memory banks without using the external switch.. Later

You actually brough up a good point.. I was gonna say about the SpiderGX to anybody who's just bought one.. you might want to hook it up without cutting off the legs you don't need at first... just try it out while making sure they're not touching each other. This will be easier of course if you're putting the SpiderGX into a 1.6, since you technically only need to eliminate one leg...

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#4 gxnoob


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Posted 15 February 2006 - 12:48 AM

hey guys,
I have also had trouble with my spider gx in both the v1.6a and v1.0. I ordered a Xenium Gold for the 1.6 and a
Duo X2 for the v1.0 hopefully all goes well for these.
What do you have to do to get modchip.com to give you your money back?

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