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Need Help With Kotor 1 Content

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Posted 11 February 2006 - 02:28 AM


I am having a problem with a Kotor 1 game save. It is not my own, but it makes you start the game as a Jedi with some force powers and some very good items in your inventory. I play it off disk, and the game save is there and works fine. However, after loading the game save, I try to save it. It does not work. The game does not give me any message, such as "The game has been corrupted", or anything like that. Although it says "Saving", the blue save bar does not increase at all, thus it will not save. I sat there waiting 15 minutes, and it did not go up at all. I am forced to shut the game off, which corrupts the game, and forces me to load the ORIGINAL game save all over again, thus I am back at the start (once again). There were multiple files for the game save, and I put the files in the following 2 folders:




I do not understand why it will not save, and other people who have downloaded it never seemed to have the same problem as me. I can tell it is compatible with my EvoX, because the game save worked in the first place.

If it will help solve my problem, the location that this was downloaded from is as follows:


You can read the comments on the bottom of the download link that I gave above. You will notice the only problems people have had are from those trying to use it with MegaX, rather than EvoX, which is what it is intended for.

If you can help me, please do as soon as possible.

Please reply to this post or email kyleb1103@gmail.com as soon as possible. I would be very grateful, and hopefully return the favor one day.

Thank you,
-Kyle R.

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