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Mame-ox Update: Latest Version Compiled

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#1 cykiller


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 09:41 PM

It is now compiled and can be found in the usual places, in my opinion stick with superfro's mame-x because the only real feature I see that is new is that u an use the analog sticks. Some games don't even boot that work on mame-x. If u want to use the analog instead of the digital pad, go with mame-ox, but in result there are some roms that will not work like in mame-x. So in my opinion stay with mame-x.

#2 guile


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 10:25 PM

Your always on top with the news Cykiller! Thanks bro!

#3 DaveKlassix


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 10:45 PM

THanks for compiling. ANd you are right ,after seeing this, stick with MAME-x for now. Hardly anything seems to work for me, and no high score save. sad.gif IF you boot journey , it just locks up the xbox tongue.gif

#4 visuatrox


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 10:53 PM

In comparision to Mame-X,

Here is my Mameox impressions smile.gif


- Some games that crashed in Mame-X successfully load, for example some of the later puzzle bobble and bubble bobble games. I have find many older games that did not run in Mame-X work in Mameox.

- Midway games do seem to run faster, and have a little less sound stuttering

- Not so many games that completely crash the system

- Easy to resize screen

- Automatically goes to 60hz on PAL machines


- Some games have odd speed/framerate issues. Sometimes they can slowdown a lot, and then suddenly speed up to faster than the game should run.

- Mameox does seem to have much less free avaible memory than Mame-X. Therefore only the oldest neogeo games work.

- Lots of screen tearing, especially bad in sidescrolling games. Has Mameox disabled v-sync? (or whats it called)

- The button combinations for settings are a bit tricky, and I did not find a way to pause a game.

Well my conclusion is to stay with mame-x for now, mainly because of the better neogeo support. But also because Mameox has tearing issues and the odd speed issues.

MameOx does show some progress in some areas, especially stability (not so many games that crash the system) and more older games working. If the developer keeps up his high speed developement smile.gif, then it will probably eventually surpass mame-x.

EDIT: I would like to add that I just tried a few games randomly, so maybe I was just lucky that some of the games that crashed in mame-X loaded in mameox.. Someone that has too much spare time, should make mame-x and mameox compatibility lists smile.gif

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#5 Dante_Ali


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 11:17 PM

I have high hopes for this project. For one thing, it already runs quite acceptably even this early on in development and unlike superfro's port everyone can contribute to the source since it's hosted on Sourceforge.

Now, back to the emu itself - I have tried the usual list of games and it seems pretty good, the larger ROMs didn't work for me, though, and whoever said that Mortal Kombat 3 was working clearly got the number mixed up because it won't even load into memory with this build.

Some bugs I've noticed: some weird V-sync tearing problem and crackling sound on Outrun, Mortal Kombat II and Puzzle Bobble 4.

Hardly anything seems to work for me, and no high score save.  IF you boot journey , it just locks up the xbox

Indeed, the new Parodius games don't seem to work. I think it might be a driver-related problem. Hopefully they can sort this out.

Edited by Dante_Ali, 26 April 2003 - 11:33 PM.

#6 BELLeater


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 11:53 PM

i noticed that while playing spiderman the sound was delayed by half a sec or so ....but sunset riders worked great! good start!

#7 GoDKiLLaX


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 02:31 AM

Yeah Midway games seem to run alot better (the NBA Jams annoucer gets the names right), Street Fighter 2 looks alot nicer but i noticed a little lag on the control response time. Yeah No MK3 here either or NBA Hangtime. KOF2001 doesn't work either, Hopefully this developer keeps at it, it looks great so far for a new entry in the xbox emu market

#8 mike828


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 03:35 AM

You said KOF2001 doesn't work on this emulator. Does KOF99 work on any xbox emulator?

#9 Koitsu


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 04:35 AM

yeah, there's a ways to go, but it's good to see some activity. i'm expecting good things here, and samurai showdown 2 already works, at least cool.gif . the 'fr0 is still on top of the mountain.....i just can't see what's going on up there anymore.

#10 visuatrox


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 09:23 AM

mike828: No king of fighter newer than 96 works on any Xbox emulator. On MameOx hardly any bigger Neogeo games work, it appears to me like it has much less avaible free memory than mame-x.

#11 spectrum3


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 05:27 PM

If possible have emulator in hd and roms in dvdrom?,why configure the ini file?,thanks

#12 brandogg


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Posted 28 April 2003 - 04:59 AM

Yeah, the only game I tried was MK2 (well, MK3 won't work), it does seem to run a lot smoother than on MAME-X, but the sound actually gets delayed about 1 second, which is really wierd. I wish there was full INI support to set it to like 22050khz sound, mono, just to get possibly full speed. I also couldn't change any of the in-game controls...how the hell do you do it in MAMEoX?

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