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Ps3 Hdmi Connection Only?

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#16 Violentdeek


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Posted 26 February 2006 - 05:50 PM

I think this is a very interesting question but as was mentioned earlier its still way to early to tell what will happen. It also depends on how the HDMI establishes a secure connection between the TV and PS3. I'd imagine that the PS3 will have an AV port on the back much like the PS2 and Xbox ports that will allow component, HDMI, VGA, or RCA connections and the console itself will determine the connection type, security, and whether or not to allow the BlueRay movies to play.

In response to the Bose conversation, before you spend the $3000 I'd suggest taking a look here first. http://www.intellexual.net/bose.html. I cannot say it is an unbiased look at the Bose Speaker systems but it is very well thought out and should be taken into consideration before purchasing bose products. Especially if you are an audiophile.

I'm sorry for adding to the off topic track of this thread but I'd hate to see someone spend $3000 and possibly be unhappy.

#17 ChldsPlay


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Posted 26 February 2006 - 06:20 PM

With the xbox 1, you have the choice of either good video or good sound. They offer a s-video with optical sound outuput adapter, or a component cable with analog L/R RCA jacks.

The HD-pack has component and optical out. Had mine since before the Xbox even came out.

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Posted 26 February 2006 - 07:38 PM

JustDan, do yourself a favor and do not buy the bose system. It is a highly inferior product. It does what it needs to do, but for that price you can have an infinitely better audio setup. All audiophiles will pretty much agree that bose is not a very quality manufacturer. I'm not trying to make anyone who owns bose feel bad, I hope you enjoy it. But in many people's opinions, a much better stereo can be had at that money. To get a feel for the kind of quality bose is, try to find frequency response numbers for their speakers. The human ear can basically hear from 20 Hz to 20kHz (anything near or below 20Hz is felt, not heard). Most speakers will go from say 75 Hz to 20kHz+ with a variation no less that 3dB in that range (generally speakers are rated plus or minus 3dB through their range, higer quality speakers will have higher standards). Bigger speakers my have a lower end extension down to maybe 40Hz. The subwoofer covers frequencies below this point. Now, most speakers have this response advertised, but bose doesn't because their numbers are less than appealing. I could go longer, but if you want more info, check out this site Bose review. The review is very harsh, so bose fans may not want to read, but the info is good. JustDan, PM me if you want my opinion on other systems that will sounds much better than the bose for the same price or less. I promise you wont regret it.

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Posted 27 February 2006 - 12:06 AM

PS3 would NEVER use HDMI only. Sure, you may only be able to watch HD Blu-Ray movies over HDMI, but you will be able to watch DVDs, play games, and play CDs over anything from RF (with adapter I'm sure) to composite to component to HDMI.

#20 SigmaXIX


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Posted 28 February 2006 - 01:14 AM

From somebody who has a Bose Acoustimass 5.1 surround system w/subwoofer -- please do not buy a BOSE system (especially since they come with paper cones)!!!!

I also have some nice 4' tall speakers with Rubber cones (no I did not buy the metal or square cones), and the entire surround setup with preamp is a much better buy, is cheaper, and sounds remarkably better than those Bose things.

I use my Bose system to play surround-sound computer games, and I deal with that disheartening mess of wires that is the signature of Bose product quality. The TRUE surround sound system with 4' floor-standing speakers is best for your home audio that'll rock the house.

And, to reiterate, Blu-Ray movies will definitely require a secure connection, like HDMI, to view their HD content. But that's only the movies.

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Posted 03 March 2006 - 04:47 AM

No way!Sony is not that stupid to only offer hdmi.
About the Bose...
Bose offers simple systems with decent sound.Women love 'em!Most people think
they're great just like all Sony products.I feel that they are far over rated!$$$ grr.gif
Typically integrated systems with small satellite speakers.
But, if you don't mind larger wooden speakers,
then buy some Polk Audio speakers.
For $3000 you could get a Mid level speaker package
and a $500-$700 Yamaha reciever.Most people don't not need
a $1000 reciever.$5-700 will get a good quality reciever with
out paying for overpriced technologies.Now if you are rich and want the best
or are a true enthusiast, then go right ahead ans spend the money.
HTB's btw are always limited in connections and have crappy plastic speakers
in them!Thats why they suck.For games they're good/ok but they
don't offer the full range sound that a good wooden speaker can output!

#22 KaRiL


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Posted 04 March 2006 - 04:45 AM

Thanks for all the input guys,
and to furthur hijack my own thread....
since Home theatre concerns were originally why I posted, I will throw in my 2 cents on the bose topic
IMO all home theatre in a box systems should stay that way, in the box... especially bose, sure they sound nice but, for that kind of money you can get something that has a lot more flexibilty, larger variety of inputs and outputs, and video up conversion etc.. so if you decide to get a HDTV, hook up all your gaming systems, computer whatever, you dont have to get a new receiver as well. I think you should take the $3,000 buy a kick ass receiver and a really nice set of speakers, you dont want to spend that kind of money and not get everything you want.

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