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Trying To Update My Xbox From Oldschool

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Posted 04 March 2006 - 08:24 PM

Ive had my xbox since it was first released and these bios in it:
Chip: TSOP Reflashed (hynix) H429F080
Bios: Evox D.6 EjectFix

I cant exactly remember but I believe its an executer II 4976.02 chip in it.

Im trying to update these bios to the latest and greatest for, specifically, a larger +137 hard drive install. I am looking to install a 200 or 250 but ive been out of this xbox scene too long to try and catch up, Help an old timer out guys. You have my trust. Thanks alot-




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Posted 04 March 2006 - 10:57 PM

first of all, if everything is working properly for you, the fastest way to make use of that extra hd space MIGHT BE to simply format the g: partition. ohmy.gif however, it is possible that the older bios you are using might not be able to do this for you or maybe you specifically want the extra space on the same partition, in either of these cases, you would have no other option that to upgrade the bios.

you probably have a tsop flashmod(possibly with a switch). does that sound right? this would mean you actually do not have any modchip installed at all. just to be sure, and before doing anything, you should open up the xbox so you can check to see for a modchip and figure out what version mobo you have. whether or not a modchip is installed will be obvious and you can easily figure it out the version by clicking the xb versions link on the main x-s news page and following the step by step.

if you see a modchip installed, i think the best thing to do will be to snap a picture and post a thread requesting help to identify it. no offense, but the best section for that post would probably be in newbie chat or the alternative modchips. once you know which chip you have, the bank size and bank configurability will determine which bios you can select to upgrade to.

assuming there is no modchip, then you must have a tsop flash mod and you are already in the right section. besides the xbox version, there are a few more details to determine before attempting to reflash the bios...

is there a switch or switches installed?
is(are) the switch(es) wired to the correct points on the bottom of the mobo?
are the tsop write enable points properly bridged?

you can look for one of lordvader's posts in this section to find the links in his signature for images of the most up to date switching diagram and the tsop enable points for your mobo.

go to 'the usual places'(here is a shortcut to get inside) to grab the right bios for you. jester.gif

if you have a v1.0-1.1 mobo and the write enable points are bridged, you want to download the latest x2.5035 bios release(512kb image rom). this bios is able to accept a larger hd by default. it can be flashed with evox, but it will only work with 1 switch or no switch. if you have 2 switches, you need to remove at least 1 of the switches(with wires) so you can use a 512kb bios image, but there is another way(see below).

if you have a v1.2-1.5 mobo and the write enable points are bridged(or v1.0-1.1 w/2 switches), you want to download x2.4981(256kb image rom) and, if you want the extra space on f: partition, also be sure to download the pc app "xbtool" so you can modify that bios image to work with your larger hd(lba mod). the most recent 256kb release of the x2 bios is 4983, but it wont work with xbtool for the lba patch so just pick which works best for you! by the way, you can also get the x2.4981 bios from the slayer's v2.6 installer disk.

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Posted 05 March 2006 - 12:26 AM

Heya Rico - The Evox D6 is a very old bios, you need something more recent. By what you are saying, I don't think you have an actual physical modchip installed (but it's worth checking) as the Xecuter 2 4976 was a bios revision, not an actual modchip per se.

So now I'm not sure what bios you have, is it Evox D6 or X2 4976? Either way it needs to be updated. If you have an older Xbox v1.0/1.1 get X2 5035 bios (512k), or if you have a newer Xbox v1.2-1.5 get X2 4981 or 4983 (256k).

I've found the X2 bios' are the most stable so stick with them.

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