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360 March Upadte Information Share!

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Posted 10 March 2006 - 04:16 PM


If there is a more appropriate thred for this comment would a modderator kindly move this post there. Thank You.

This March Update may only be a coincedence to the problems that many people are having. I'm not having any problems.

Everyone is doing a great job relating their problems but maybe we could do a better job. I'm going to post as much information about my xbox as possible. perhaps you guys could post similar information and we and EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY MS can compair this information and better draw some conslusions as to what happend and how to release an updat that fixes this issue.

I will not and do not suggest however posting exact console ID # or Serial # as someone could pirate that information for many unscrupulous purposes!!!!

I beleive that if more people share information like this MS can crossreference the data and more easily come to a conclusion and solution.

I'm only trying to be helpful to the poeple having issues.
Here is some of my information.

My 360 appears to be in healthy working order
My Current Dashboard Setting is 2.0.2258 after the upadate!!
I have had no freezes either before or after I updated via XBOX Live on March 7th 2006
The Update took less than 30 seconds and istalled flawlessly
At the time of the update I had no Game in the console!
I purchased this console on Janurary 05 2006 from a Best Buy in Michigan USA
The Manufature date on this console is 2005-11-30
This is a Core System that has been upgraded with a HDD and a 64MB Memory card
My profiles are on both the MU and HDD
I have one XBOX LIVE Profile and 3 Non XBOX LIVE Profiles
On my HDD I have 3 trailers (MI3, X3, R V B,)
On My HDD I have 2 full versions of XBOX Live arcade games (Geometry W E, Hexic HD)
On My HDD I have 3 Trial versions of XBOX Live arcade games (Mtuant Storm, Robotron, Wik)
On My HDD I have save files from 9 XBOX 360 Games (PDZ, PGR3, KAMEO, COD2, Geomtry WE, HEXIC HD, Mutant Storm, Rodotron, Wik)
On My HDD I have save files for 1 XBOX Game (Splinter Cell - I actually beat this again on the 360) smile.gif
On My Memory card I have Save Files for 1 XBOX 360 Game (DOA4)
I am connected to XBOX LIVE VIA Cable Modem, through a router with three other Mac adress on it.
I have No Music on my HDD because I occasionally connect my External HD VIA USB 2.0 in order to stream Mp3's through the console. This was NOT connected at the time of Update.

Since the Upadate I have only played Geometry Wars Evolved. And Browed XBL Marketplace. I am holding off on playing any real games on the 360 ecspecially on XBL until this issue has been resolved. Right now I'm really distracted with Grandia III on PS2 anyway.

Feel Free to ask me any questions about what I Might have forgot.

I would really like to see more people share this common information and maybe a little light will be shed on what caused a problem after the March Update (or didn't cause a problem after the March Update)

Again do not post your SERIAL # or CONSOLE ID #

Oh and check out my band at www.myspace.com/halfdogjury or at www.halfdogjury.com we're cool

The thred for this issue on XBOX.com can be found here:


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