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3 Xboxs, 2 Messed Up Hard Drives

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#1 TomStuchinski


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Posted 26 March 2006 - 08:32 PM

As the title explains i have 3 xboxs.. i softmodded the first one and it worked fine until i stupidly decided to mess with evox.ini. lol.. so a couple months later i got ahold of another xbox.. i thought i would be smarter and buy a chip. i bought a xbit chip. bad decision.. i couldnt get the damn thing to work. i tried for about 2 weeks straight. i decided that it would be better to softmod again then to try to saulder all those damn points and risk breakign it again. i therefor went ahead and softmodded it.. i was still dumb obviously and decided that i should (for some reason??!) unlock my hd. i did and obviously it didnt work anymore because i was still running the retail bios. so at this point i had to completely useless xboxs piled up under my bed. lol. i then got ONE more box.. i again softmodded it .. and this one .. is working fine (knock on wood).. now the past couple weeks i have been tryign to think of ways to maybe get the other boxes to work using this one. I have tried loading configmagic from the dvd drive and tjhen swtiching the hd to the unlocked drive and then trying to lock the hd after with configmagic.. for w/e reason it just says that it cant be locked.. so... if anyone has ANY ideas.. i am open.. thanks!!

#2 RobTurbo


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Posted 26 March 2006 - 08:41 PM

How about buying a cheap LPC mod, install it in one broken xbox, fix it, then remove the chip, then solder it into broken xbox number 2 and either fix it or leave the chip in?

Or, sell the broken ones on ebay!!

#3 only2braincellz


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Posted 26 March 2006 - 09:11 PM

OH MY GOD.... do peopel even read any tutorials beofre doing stuff liek this?? do you do any searches anywhere in order to find out your problems or prevent them??

Once again, another person whos gonna be sellign xboxes really chaeap soon.

To fix moroniclly screwed up soft modded xboxes you need to buya chip..

Whyd o people mess witht hings they know nothing about..

I'll buy the other 3 from you if you want to sell them, otherwise they are going to be sitting there, getting screwed up even more

#4 TomStuchinski


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Posted 26 March 2006 - 09:28 PM

yea maybe you didnt read it correctly.. it does say i have a mod chip (and it doesnt work).. and i do know i did stupid stuff..and i say that in my original post too.. so actually your post didnt really accomplish anything other then u trying to sound smart and superior.. but in actuallity.. u just sound rediculous because ur post didnt help anyone in the slightest... at any rate.. thank you to the other person who actually did give me something to work with.. any more HELP would be appreciated.. thanks

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